Monday, July 24, 2017

Our New Shed

Well, we accomplished something on our annual to do list. The shed is  now complete. We purchased a plan from iCreate Plans.  Rob really liked the plans they provided and made minor changes to adjust the shed to his needs. The size of the shed is 12 by 16. We highly recommend their plans on this site. This plan was actually for a modern studio, but Rob liked the window set up and we needed light since it does not have electric in it...yet.

Then we had to go through the permitting process, and that took a lot longer than anticipated. That backed our project up several months.

Rob began working the second weekend in April, and worked pretty much whenever he had a chance between then and the weekend before Memorial Day.  Here are the before and after pictures of the process.  We are not going to share the step by step process as that is the point of using the plans that you pay a small fee on  We did use Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray for the outside, and barn paint from Lowe's for the trim. We also used smaller windows then recommended to reduce someone from breaking in if that ever came up. It sits pretty far from our house, and we did not want to risk it. We also did several different locking systems on it to keep it very secure.

Overall, Rob was very happy on how it turned out. It got the big items out of our garage, and now he has the room to do projects with this tool collection. Next up is a play house and a loft bed for our daughter. Here is hoping that works!  

Friday, July 14, 2017

Blush and Gold Bridal Shower

I  had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower a few weeks ago for a beautiful bride. She said her colors were basically gold and pink. That is easy enough to find lots of items to go with matching her colors. I loved shopping for unique items, and putting them all together. I love to throw a party, and especially for someone as grateful as this bride. When you bring a smile to the face of the guest of honor, and they truly appreciate the effort you put into truly is worth all the effort.

I made this simple sign on a wooden sign from Hobby Lobby. I painted it and added lettering I cut out on my machine in adhesive vinyl paper. Then I ordered the plastic pink pots from Amazon for around $1 a piece, and purchased the flowers for approximately $1 each at Lowe's the day before. The flower and the soil fit perfectly, and I did not need any additional soil. This made for a very budget friendly favor for guests.
 The LOVE balloon was from Amazon and the delicious cake was done by Abigail's Absolute Sweets in Westminster, MD. She made an incredible vanilla with raspberry filling with a peony on top.  It was delicious, and I highly recommend her. 
 These beautiful peonies were from my friend Jes, and she owns a nursery and fresh cut flower business called Clear Ridge Nursery in Union Bridge, MD. She was amazing and saved these beautiful stems just for this shower. The sequined table runner in rose gold was from Amazon. I basically bought all my supplies via Amazon as it was easier for my work schedule. 

 The bubbly bar was set up on the sofa table with a Mr. and Mrs. sign from the Target Dollar Spot.  I saw the idea for glitter ice cubes one day, and knew that this was the perfect time to use it.  I bought glitter at Michaels the cheapest I could find and used the largest ice cube trays from Wal-Mart I could locate. Everyone loved the ice cubes. They were not that horrible to clean up after as I had anticipated while making them.  

 Here is the wine with the glitter ice cubes surrounding the bottles. So pretty!!

The entry way welcomed everyone with an initial from Hobby Lobby and some balloons the kiddos picked out from Party City.  And of course the beautiful peonies.  The Hello Love is also from Hobby Lobby too!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoyed the snippets from the party.  It was a lot of fun to put together.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New Year - Inspiration for our To Do List

Hi All! Long time no blog.  :)  Well as you can imagine four kiddos and two full time jobs have sort of taken over. If you follow me on Instagram you can see what we are up to in our daily lives. We are still doing lots of little crafts with the kids, and trying to plan projects for the house this year.  

The main project that Rob will be tackling at the first sign of spring here in Maryland will be a shed. Oh the shed we wanted to do last year, but our lovely county took almost four months to give us the appropriate permit to build a shed. This shed is not having an electrical, but they apparently found some interesting items on our plat and wanted to make sure we built it in the perfect location...which was the original location we requested. We would like to go with this type of window, and obviously ours is going to house the lawn tractor, and it will not look like this on the inside. Here is our inspiration for the shed:

The Handmade Home shared this amazing playhouse, and I am hoping that it goes on the wish list once the shed is done. This will go in the same general area of our yard. All four kiddos will be able to enjoy the outside even more this summer.  They have asked for a clubhouse of sorts, and this is a great compromise.

Rob was walking around last weekend complaining that he just wanted to build something. That's when we started making our hopeful to do list for 2017. Wynn would love to have a loft bed, and that would help free up some much needed space in her room. She has a few pieces of furniture and a full bed. She is in our smallest bedroom, and there is a lot more times nowadays that she plays in her room. Right now the space is too tight to set up all those Shopkins, Calico Critters and other tiny toys.  Our inspiration bed was one of the projects by Ana White located here.

These are the three big projects for our household this year, and here is hoping that we can actually cross all of them off the to do list.  Cannot believe the month is already half way over. We need to get started on these soon and by we I mean Rob. :)

Thanks for stopping by!