Monday, September 15, 2014

Watermelon Nightstand

I was recently given a few pieces of furniture from the home of a family member. I thought this sweet little table would be perfect next to Wynn's bed. She did not have any nightstands previously, and I thought this would work for her space if I changed up the color.

I spent hardly any time at all with this makeover. I grabbed a can of spray paint primer from a previous project and some Krylon Watermelon colored spray paint for the main color.  I used a bit of turquoise colored Valspar spray paint for the hardware. 

I cleaned off the table and let it dry. Then I sprayed it with the primer and let it dry. It then took approximately three coats and two cans of spray paint to fully cover this table.  

It is now in the perfect little spot next to Wynn's bed. Wynn asked that I spray paint her walls in this color too. I think she will have to discuss that with Rob. ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crate Frame

I had a picture of my boys that I wanted to frame. I have so many of them now thanks to my friend, Michelle.  It was printed and mounted on a foam board like backing already. Sometimes that thickness will not fit in a traditional frame. I was looking around my house for a different way to display rather than just without a frame.

I took the wooden crate that I purchased from Elizabeth and Co's tag sale last year and put it up on its side. Then I placed the picture inside of the crate. It was the perfect fit.  This could easily be mounted on a wall too.  I may have to hunt for more crates at her tag sale today.

This was just a plain old crate before I added the picture, and I think it makes the crate look cute! I love crates because they have so many great uses around the house. Do you have any crates in your house? How do you use them?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pretty Art Supply Organizer

Wynn has recently begun to color several times a day. This activity involves markers, crayons, colored pencils and anything else that you can make a mark with nowadays.  She loves to sit in her chair from Elizabeth & Co at the living room coffee table. Unfortunately the plastic container I had previously given her was hard to sift through, and it was overflowing which means the lid could not be put on.

I purchased this wooden box at Home Goods last year for $8 on clearance.  
I filled it up with six large mason jars.  Then I got to organizing the markers and other goodies. I have to admit that Wynn has kept it very well organized for the past few weeks. She must take after her mother. :)  It is perfect because now we do not have random supplies rolling off the table and everywhere around the room.

Hooray for organization! The best part is that this box can be used for anything. Maybe in the spring I can use it for flowers on the kitchen counter.