Monday, October 20, 2014

Owl Wreath for Baby Shower

I have a baby shower that I am hosting along with friends coming up this weekend. I was so excited about this adorable wreath I'm sharing it early. I basically combined two ideas that I found..  The Country Living Owl Wreath and Catch My Party Owl Ornament were both inspiring ideas I found when searching for the Owl themed baby shower. I thought together they could make a Mom and baby owl wreath for the baby shower. This could easily just be an owl wreath for perfect for fall if you left off the baby if you wanted to do that.

I started out with a vine wreath that I purchased from Michaels.  I picked up a set of napkin rings from the dollar aisle in Michaels, and they were marked down 60%. I purchased two packages because each  came with a green and a pink. The colors of the shower are pink and orange, and so these pink napkin rings were perfect for the eyes of the owl. I just slipped the ring section in between the wreath pieces and it was not something I needed to attach with glue.  Then I added a piece of orange cardstock for the beak with a bit of glue.
I cut out two wings from a single piece of brown felt. Then I used some glitter glue to add some quick details to the wings.
I bought a four pack of glass ornaments from Michaels. I took some leftover pink ribbon and filled the ornament with it. 

I cut out some felt pieces for the heart, beak and wings. I glued everything on with my glue gun, and added a felt flower to make it look like a little girl owl.  I used some sitcker eyes as well. I tied it on the bottom of the wreath with some ribbon.  

There you have it. It was an easy wreath to pull together, and I love how it looks like a Mom and baby owl together. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick and Cute Halloween Gift

It is no surprise to anyone that knows me that I love to give little gifts to friends, family and teachers. For Wynn's school teachers this year I thought I'd send in a little happy for Halloween. There are a lot of teachers in her school that interact with Wynn on a daily basis. I needed to come up with something quick and budget friendly.  Who am I kidding? I would make it quick and budget friendly even if it was for one person. 

I was scouring the always fun Target Dollar Spot on my lunch hour.  I grabbed several pairs of Halloween socks for a $1.  I had purchased some burlap pouches from the Dollar Spot last year, and they have them again this year so I grabbed a few more.

I then got to brainstorming on a simple card to go along with it. I cut out some pumpkins out of cardstock, and attached them with a simple strip of roll on adhesive to the pouch. I did not want to do anything to permanent because I wanted the teachers to use the pouches again in a way that works for them. I knew it might not be appropriate to say "trick or treat...smell my feet", and so this is what I came up with instead.

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by as always. I love sharing fun and simple ideas like this with you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tour Through Blog Land

I was invited by Sharon from Elizabeth & Co to join in on the tour through blog land series. When I first started blogging I found Sharon's blog through a link party. I loved her checking out her furniture projects and handmade wreaths. I soon realized that she lived in my town, and that I lived around the corner from her a few years ago. Blogging is actually a smaller world than I originally thought.

 This adorable set was just recently shared by Sharon. She has such a great eye for colors and can really transform any piece of furniture into something beautiful.

She hosts weekly Be Inspired parties where you can link of projects of any kind. It is a great place to find new bloggers that you may have never followed along with before. This is how I found one of my favorite bloggers I am sharing below.

 Sharon and her talented friends hold vintage tag sales several times a year in an adorable house in Westminster, MD. It is very popular, and sometimes it seems like they literally shut down the road with all the people trying to get in. They always have something fresh and new, and their prices are extremely reasonable. That is probably why people are rushing to check out what kinds of goodies they have each sale.

Now on to the questions and answers I'm sharing about our blog. The first question is...

What are we working on?

Right now we have a few DIY projects in the midst in our home. The major one is the basement project. Rob is working on studding out walls for the unfinished portion, and we will be turning it into a play room. This room probably will not be finished for a while. We are doing it little by little. Plus, basketball season is about to start in a month and that means Rob will not have much time to work on it. And I will have my hands full with the kiddos.

I've been working on the boys first birthday party and a friend's baby shower. I hope to share both of them very soon.  Hard to believe our boys will be one in three weeks.  Here they are for their 11 month picture last week.

Why do I write about this genre?

We really started this blog as a way of finishing projects. We would always get about 90% down and then get started with something else. The other project sat unfinished for too long. This blog really motivates us to have a finished photo to share. We cannot believe that we have stayed with it especially after the twins were born. But, I have to say that I really enjoy blogging and sharing our projects and ideas. It is also great to follow along with the other amazing bloggers out there.

How does our work differ from other blogs out there?

I do not really think our work is all that different from others. I enjoy sharing what we do in our home, and hope that I can inspire others to try something in their own home as well. Sometimes people look at us and ask us how we get anything done. There are some projects that really take longer than others, but if you are willing to put in the little free time you may have you can make big changes in your own home.

 There are two bloggers that I'd love to share with you today. First up is Jaime from That's My Letter.  She is such a talented person. She builds, sews and crafts.  Her work is so creative and gorgeous. I wish I could be her neighbor and she would teach me how to use all the power tools that she is a master using. Right now she is is the middle of her annual holiday gift idea projects. She is sharing a project a week that you can build for kids. Her most recent playhouse is so cute! Here is a round up of some of my favorite projects she has shared.

Cristina from Remodelando La Casa is another blogger I check out daily. Her projects are so inspiring just like Jaime's. Cristina can handle doing major remodels, building furniture, crafts and interior design. Her mantel displays may be my favorite posts that she shares.  She comes up with a beautiful display for every holiday and season. She is also incredibly sweet, and she lives close to me as well. One of these days I'm going to have to join her at her favorite flea market. She always finds interesting objects at them.

Halloween Witches    Valentine Mantel        Wine Crate Table         Desk Makeover

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a great week. Be sure to check out Sharon, Jaime and Cristina if you have a chance.