Thursday, October 23, 2014

PicMonkey Franken Pet Halloween Contest

Have you had the opportunity to use PicMonkey before? I use it all the time for blogging and my personal photos. It is a great site that offers a way to edit photos, and even create printable graphics as well. If you'd love to try out the PicMonkey Royale membership features just check out this link. You will have access to many more images, fonts, etc.

Right now they are hosting a Franken Pet Halloween Contest along with Rover on the PicMonkey site. Rover is a online pet sitting service website. All you have to do is snap a picture of your pet or even a pet you know. Then you use the fun Halloween features on PicMonkey to make the pet look scary or funny for the Halloween holiday.  

Here is my dog, Lance, that I made ready for Halloween. He loves to hear the word treat, and I know he will love it when Halloween comes along. He always gets an extra bone that day.

Once you've created your photo masterpiece just share it on either Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ or Flickr using the hashtag #Frankenpet. 

You will be entered into the contest to win year of PicMonkey Royal Membership benefits. This gives you access to some great features on their site.  You can also win the following:
Runners-up will win a year of PicMonkey Royale and a $25 giftcard to Petco.

Can't wait to see your pets in their Halloween pictures.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Target Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all of you who responded to my Facebook contest for a $25 gift card to Target!

The winner of the contest is Elizabeth Bracken Boozer who said "Clothes - my kids are growing like weeds!" Please message me with your email address, and I will send you an electronic gift card asap.

Look out for future contests on my Facebook page. Be sure to like our page in order to get the information in your news feed.

We hope you have a great day! Be sure to check out some of the fun projects I've shared using items from Target.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Owl Wreath for Baby Shower

I have a baby shower that I am hosting along with friends coming up this weekend. I was so excited about this adorable wreath I'm sharing it early. I basically combined two ideas that I found..  The Country Living Owl Wreath and Catch My Party Owl Ornament were both inspiring ideas I found when searching for the Owl themed baby shower. I thought together they could make a Mom and baby owl wreath for the baby shower. This could easily just be an owl wreath for perfect for fall if you left off the baby if you wanted to do that.

I started out with a vine wreath that I purchased from Michaels.  I picked up a set of napkin rings from the dollar aisle in Michaels, and they were marked down 60%. I purchased two packages because each  came with a green and a pink. The colors of the shower are pink and orange, and so these pink napkin rings were perfect for the eyes of the owl. I just slipped the ring section in between the wreath pieces and it was not something I needed to attach with glue.  Then I added a piece of orange cardstock for the beak with a bit of glue.
I cut out two wings from a single piece of brown felt. Then I used some glitter glue to add some quick details to the wings.
I bought a four pack of glass ornaments from Michaels. I took some leftover pink ribbon and filled the ornament with it. 

I cut out some felt pieces for the heart, beak and wings. I glued everything on with my glue gun, and added a felt flower to make it look like a little girl owl.  I used some sitcker eyes as well. I tied it on the bottom of the wreath with some ribbon.  

There you have it. It was an easy wreath to pull together, and I love how it looks like a Mom and baby owl together. Thanks for stopping by!