Sunday, February 1, 2015

Frozen Birthday on a Budget

My goal for Wynn's 5th birthday party was to keep to a strict budget. I usually go crazy with parties, and it is easy to do so when you do not keep track of expenses. There are so many great ideas out there, and I decided to try my best to keep everything under $125.  


 I made this centerpiece from a bottle from Michaels, fake snow, a few straws, a long lollipop like stick and scrapbook paper. It is possible to make these several at a time.  It cost around $1.50 a piece if you are looking to make something similar.  I traced the wooden five I purchased from Michaels. You do not always need a Silhouette to cut out a shape :)

Clockwise from the top left: Target Favor Bags ($2), Walmart tableware for 10 ($8), Michaels foam snowflakes ($2), Tinsel ($1), Michaels glitter letters ($3), Michaels Christmas tree on clearance ($5), Walmart cup, snowflake boxes and ornament ($3), Michaels wooden 5, gems and cupcake liners ($3), Michaels wooden frame ($2), Etsy food labels ($2), and Michaels scrapbook paper ($1).

I had never done hot chocolate in a crock pot before, but I used this great recipe.  Everyone enjoyed their hot chocolate. I decorated around the crock pot with some leftover stuffing I had in my basement to resemble snow. I purchased a set of paper cups from Target and added everyone's name to the sleeve for the cups with stickers. I used printable food labels purchased on sale from Etsy for $1.50.
I wrapped the whipped cream with a piece of scrapbook paper.  I had cinnamon sticks, peppermint patties and snowman marshmallows for toppings as well.

 I love the line "we finish each other's sandwiches" from the movie. Wynn loves chicken salad and I used a basic recipe that was new to me. Everyone said it was delicious.

I wrapped small Gatorade bottles in scrapbook paper for a more Frozen look and called it melted snow.  Wynn said that this was the "Frozen" colored Gatorade.  

Food Cost for a party with 9 people (which includes Wynn): $65. The cupcakes were purchased from Wal-Mart, and added some edible snowflakes I purchased on Etsy.  The total cost for this party was $97, it was $28 below my budget.  I will be sharing the party favors tomorrow.  

The birthday girl had a great time!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentine Printable & PicMonkey Contest

I've created a Valentine's printable for you to print for yourself at home.  I created it using the Delightfully Noted Tutorial that my pal Jennifer has shared. Feel free to print one for yourself and a friend. This is sized for 8 by 10 inches. Be sure to check out the great contest from PicMonkey below. This is a great contest if you like to pin on Pinterest.

PicMonkey is such a fun site to create your own printables or edit photography.  The site is extremely user friendly. Right now they are hosting a great contest in honor of Valentine's Day.  Here are the details...

How to Enter?
  • Follow PicMonkey on Pinterest
  • Create board titled “PicMonkey Pin Your Love”
  • Post a link to your board in the pin shown here:
  • Pin something made with PicMonkey to be eligible to win (You can pin the printable I just shared with you)
  • No minimum number of pins required but go crazy and curate a beautiful board
  • Hashtag all pins #pinyourlove #picmonkey
Who wins?
  • One winner will be chosen based on originality, creativity, and adherence to the rules.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate, but prize eligibility is limited to the United States.
  • Official Rules are here
What do you win?
  • The prize is a $300 gift card to Amazon and one free year of PicMonkey Royale
Three things I love! PicMonkey, Pinterest and Amazon. I hope one of my readers is the lucky winner!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Egg Carton Valentine Idea

I was scrolling through my Would You Be My Valentine board on Pinterest last weekend. I came across an adorable idea from the blog A Little Hut.  Here is what Wynn and I created. It has been a lot of fun getting crafty on these winter days with her.

We used an egg carton with eighteen sections. It was good to have some extras just in case.  Wynn painted them with red paint, and in hindsight I would have had her cut them first just because it would have been easier for her.

 I put some Kraft paper below so Wynn could get as messy as she wanted with her painting. She even suggested that she may want to wear a smock. That's my girl. Always looking for a way to stay clean. 
 After they dried she used her scissors to cut out the egg carton. As you can see we did not use all 18, and that was good since she had some room for error if needed.  She helped me arrange them on a canvas in the shape of a heart. I showed her the inspiration photo, and then she thought this was perfect. I think it is cute this was obviously cut out by her because she has really been working hard to use her scissors. Apparently being a left handed kiddo makes it a little tougher to deal with them at first.
I hot glued some paper straws around the edge for the border, and then hot glued the egg carton pieces too. I gave a few options for the saying such as "eggceptional valentine", "eggciting valentine", and Wynn liked the "eggstra special valentine".  She told me she would like to give this to her teacher.  It is headed into school with her tomorrow moring.  I love doing projects that recycle items we have headed for the curb.  I am ready to pop back on Pinterest to come up with something for the next couple of holidays.