Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Growth Chart

This project has been on our to do list for a while. Rob was able to complete it this weekend, and we are thrilled with the outcome.

We had some mahogany boards that were leftover from a project at my parent's home. The sentimental part is that they just sold their home two weeks ago, and now we have a piece of it with us always.  

He used a biscuit joiner to put together a few pieces of the wood. Then he used a good old fashioned planer to get the boards even and smooth. When all of the boards were attached he used his router to create a decorative edge around the growth chart.  He then stained it with some left over gray stain from another project.  I took this picture outside so you could see the wood a little better with the stain.

I purchased some vinyl growth chart stickers off the site Sassy Steals on morning for only $3. I had a credit which made it 50% off the already great price.  It was a lot less expensive then I would have been able to do on my Silhouette, and a lot less time consuming.  I just found a similar product on another daily deal site this morning. The site is called Jane and it has great daily deals too.
 Now it is hanging up in the boys room ready for us to record their growth. Rob started the chart a few inches below their birth weight.  He hopes they surpass the 6'5" mark one day though.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed our newest project.

Monday, July 14, 2014

On the Go Diaper Pouch - No Sew

Last week I bought a few new crib sheets for Ty and Davis at Target. The sheets came in a fabric pouch, and I thought of a perfect way to reuse them for my needs.

I turned them into on the go diaper pouches. Each pouch fits two diapers, a small ziploc bag of wipes and a few diaper trash bags easily. 

Last year I made several fabric rosettes while I was in my continuing education for real estate. Yes, I was in class when I made them. They do not mind what you do as long as you are looking at the instructor and paying attention. I found out that I could easily make these without even looking at the rosettes themselves. I glued a few of them on the top flap. I made a few more pouches and placed them in various purses of mine.  It is a lot easier to take these on a quick trip to the store than a giant diaper bag.

I realize that these maybe be easy to make if you are someone who can sew. Since I am not one of these people this is a great substitute. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week!  I am hoping to stop by my friend Sharon's tag sale for Elizabeth & Co. I'm so lucky it is just a few minutes up the road. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Transportation Wall Art

Well it is official. Ty and Davis are crawlers and climbers. They are not content unless they are climbing on one of their toys or family members. Wish us luck! I have been busy making food for them, but sometimes on the go or in a rush I use the food pouches.  They have the colorful twist off tops on them, and I have been collecting them hoping to use them for crafts. 

The other day I had a rare moment where the boys were napping simultaneously for more than an hour. I brought my Silhouette Cameo out and cut out some vinyl shapes in various colors.    I cut the shapes out on the Cameo and simply just adhered them to the canvases I had leftover from a previous project. I used a glue gun to attach the food pouch tops to make them the wheels of various modes of transportation. Wynn requested a helicopter, and said that there was a wheel at the top to spin the propeller. She chose a purple lid for that particular canvas.

This project will hang in the newly designed play area once I get it all organized. I am still trying to make decisions on what to keep around for the boys and how to store the toys more efficiently.  

Some of these shapes came in a set of two or four. I purchased all of them through the Silhouette Online Store for less than a $1 a set.

I think they turned out simple and cute. I still have plenty of food pouch lids left. I am thinking of making a game for Wynn next. Maybe there will be another nap time soon that I will be able to get something fun created.  Enjoy your weekend! Thought I'd share the most recent attempt at a family shot. Four out of the five looking is not bad! :)

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