Friday, July 19, 2013

Nautical Rope Curtain Rod Re-Post

It's been a busy week at the Vaughn house with lots of projects going on in this almost unbearable heatwave we are experiencing in Maryland. While we are in the midst of several projects I thought I'd share a project my sister in law completed in the early days of this blog when I think only our family members were actually reading it.

Original Post:

It will be two years next month that Chris and I moved into our home, and for two years we have not had curtains in our "formal" living room. I changed my mind on the paint color a million times and did not know how I wanted the room decorated. 

As I was putting pieces together the room organically evolved into a shabby chic and coastal vibe. Our window treatments were last on the list and I was determined to put something up. I was inspired by a tutorial I found from Vintage Revivals. She shares a great idea on how to make a rope curtain rod for a great price.

Here is our window after we added the hooks at the top:

I spray painted all the hardware that I would be using with leftover spray paint.  We put the rope up first so we could make sure it was even on both sides. Afterwards, we fed the curtains through the rope and tied the sides around boat cleats.  After two years its finally complete and we could not be happier with how it turned out.

Supplies: Hooks (Home Depot) $ 12
Rope (Home Deopt) $ 12
Boat Cleats (Amazon) $10
Curtains (Ikea) $40
Total: $74

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by: Amy & Chris


  1. That's very clever, did they stay taunt over time? I think it would be awesome in a nautical room especially for a boys theme

  2. Brilliant! I am totally pinning those :)

  3. Oh, that's cool. Not your typical curtain rod. Glad you reposted :)

  4. That is really ingenious! Love that the rope is used in such an unexpected way. Tiebacks would be expected... this is fabulous!

  5. I remember very cool! Way to think outside the box girl!

  6. Loved this when I first saw it on VR and love it still! What a GREAT solution too for a bay window configuration! Much easier than rods any day.


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