Thursday, August 7, 2014

Under the Sea Birthday Party

My friend hosted an Under the Sea party for her daughter's second birthday. I thought I'd share some of the cute ideas she incorporated.  

This adorable sign directed guests to the party.

She had crabwiches, which were delicious by the way.  I also loved the netting she placed over the table. The other food ideas were absolutely adorable.

The dinglehoppers, which are a nod to the movie The Little Mermaid.

These octopus hot dogs were a hit with the little ones.

She took the plain paper lanterns and turned them into jelly fish.

All the kids were excited to take home a starfish wand a sand castle mold full of treats.

This party was so cute, and to think that my friend put all these together two weeks before she had her second child. She is superwoman.  Thanks for letting me share this, Jessica.


  1. What an adorable party. Your friend thought of every detail and did it so sweet and brilliantly. I love all her party foods. Grace would have delighted to have been a guest. I am sure the kids LOVED this super sweet party.

  2. What a cute party! The octopus hot dogs are such a great idea!

  3. That's a lovely idea, so many cute little items., bless two weeks before I had my lot there is no way I would've had the energy to do all that.

  4. So many cute ideas! Love the octopus, the starfish sandwiches and of course those pretty jelly fish! Your friend did an awesome job!

  5. Holy cow, she is superwoman. That is so adorable!


  6. Love the underwater theme party. My favorite has to be the lantern. How cool is that jelly fish? Thank you for swinging by the other day, enjoyed the visit.

  7. So so cute! I'm loving the jellyfish!

  8. What an adorable party theme! I'm sure that the kids had a blast!

  9. That was the cutest party!! Those hot dogs made me laugh and the jelly fish was really clever!


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