Monday, September 22, 2014

Halloween Embroidery Hoop

A simple Halloween decoration that can be changed for a season or holiday going forward.
I had an embroidery hoop and some light colored burlap in my craft stash. I was itching to do some sort of craft while I had some me time this weekend.  I put the burlap in the hoop.
I took a sheet of scrapbook paper and traced on a pumpkin. I cut it out and add some letter stickers I also found in my pile of crafty goodness.
I added a velcro dot with adhesive backing to the front of the burlap and the back of the pumpkin. That way I can switch out a decoration on the hoop for each season. I paired it with an owl I purchased on clearance at Michaels. The owl was ivory with a rust like look on the feet. I spray painted it orange for Halloween, and I plan to actually use the owl for an upcoming baby shower as well. The owl is doing double duty this season.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy your day.


  1. Megan that is perfect. Might have to borrow that idea! So beautifully simple.

  2. So cute Megan! I always love the simplicity of your crafts!

  3. I have a weakness for any craft in an embroidery hoop. Love it!

  4. Megan, I need to learn from you, simple and pretty projects always! You rock!

  5. That's a very cute idea, now I am thinking about decorations with hoops for Christmas :)

    Another baby shower, I sure don't want to drink the water in your area ;P

  6. I love that you can switch out the decoration and use the hoop for many different occasions!


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