Monday, October 20, 2014

Owl Wreath for Baby Shower

I have a baby shower that I am hosting along with friends coming up this weekend. I was so excited about this adorable wreath I'm sharing it early. I basically combined two ideas that I found..  The Country Living Owl Wreath and Catch My Party Owl Ornament were both inspiring ideas I found when searching for the Owl themed baby shower. I thought together they could make a Mom and baby owl wreath for the baby shower. This could easily just be an owl wreath for perfect for fall if you left off the baby if you wanted to do that.

I started out with a vine wreath that I purchased from Michaels.  I picked up a set of napkin rings from the dollar aisle in Michaels, and they were marked down 60%. I purchased two packages because each  came with a green and a pink. The colors of the shower are pink and orange, and so these pink napkin rings were perfect for the eyes of the owl. I just slipped the ring section in between the wreath pieces and it was not something I needed to attach with glue.  Then I added a piece of orange cardstock for the beak with a bit of glue.
I cut out two wings from a single piece of brown felt. Then I used some glitter glue to add some quick details to the wings.
I bought a four pack of glass ornaments from Michaels. I took some leftover pink ribbon and filled the ornament with it. 

I cut out some felt pieces for the heart, beak and wings. I glued everything on with my glue gun, and added a felt flower to make it look like a little girl owl.  I used some sitcker eyes as well. I tied it on the bottom of the wreath with some ribbon.  

There you have it. It was an easy wreath to pull together, and I love how it looks like a Mom and baby owl together. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is so cute. I love the baby owl ornament. I hope the mama to be loved it.

  2. Oh how sweet! I love the owl theme. Can't wait to see all the party details! ... Clare is going to be a little owl for Halloween!

  3. So cute! I love the little owl ornament!

  4. That is just so darn cute! Megan, I swear, you could make a living hosting birthday parties and showers.

  5. Both of them, mom and baby, are adorable!

  6. So cute, hair ties, so cheap that's really clever I have never thought of pre made bows


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