Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY Laundry Room Inspiration

Our laundry room is so boring and not so nice. Rob has been itching to get started on a few projects in there this winter. He has been coaching this winter, so there has not been a lot of free time to start such a project. However, I did notice that he was pinning laundry room ideas. That got me excited! Here are some inspiring ideas that we have both pinned and loved.

I absolutely adore these floating shelves that were shared on the blog Four Generations One Roof.  Rob is planning on installing some similar shelving above our washer and dryer. I really like the thickness of her shelving here.I also adore the baskets she has chosen to place on them as well.

We have similar outlet positions as the outlets in the beautiful laundry that Domestic Imperfection created.  It makes me think we can make the outlet work even though I despise the location.

I love the colors and especially the rug that was placed in the beautiful laundry room by I Heart Organizing.  I think that rug is great because it really brightens up the space. Since I do not have a window in my laundry room I think I'll need to add some color to it.

Cristina at Remodelando La Casa has an amazing laundry room, which comes complete with an awesome chalkboard. She has such wonderfully high ceiling in her laundry room too. I wish I could somehow raise my ceilings up to have such great storage up the wall like that.

To see more of the amazing ideas I have pinned check out my DIY Laundry Room board on Pinterest. I hoping that once basketball season ends for Rob's team then this project will move to the front burner as soon as possible.


  1. Beautiful inspiration Megan! And Rob is pinning laundry rooms? He is quite the Renaissance Man!

  2. I would love to see my husband pinning ideas for future projects! Handy guys like Rob are the only ones, you're lucky! Thanks for the shout out Megan ;)

  3. You and Rob are die hard home improvement-ers. I thought your last big project (TWINS) would keep you too busy to think about any other projects :) Loved the inspirational pictures. I can't wait to see what that talented husband of yours does...when he finds the time.

  4. You guys do such great stuff, I know your laundry room will be wonderful! I enjoyed seeing these ideas because I'm excited to have a laundry room in our new house as opposed to a laundry area! I'll be following along when you get going on this project!

  5. Well with three kids now you'll be spending quite a bit of time in there you deserve a pretty laundry. It's going to look great.


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