Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Silhouette Piggy Bank

Wynn and I took a plain white piggy bank that I purchased on Amazon and decorated it with some vinyl cutouts from my Silhouette Cameo.  Wynn insisted that her soon to be cousin have a piggy bank just like the one she has.

Instead of just leaving the bank looking plain I let Wynn pick out an image for it. She chose the girl silhouette and then said we needed to place an "S" for Sawyer on one of the sides.

This is such an easy item to personalize for any child. I know that Sawyer will be able to use this for a long time. 
This project was another quick one that Wynn and I did together while the boys napped. We are beginning to do a lot more projects together now that she is four. Here is a new picture of the three kiddos I thought I'd share...

We ended up celebrating Valentine's Day mostly snowed in and we even took all three kids out to an early dinner. It was the second time we have done that and we all made it out alive.  


  1. Those 3 are adorable. You and Rob make the perfect equation for creating stunning children.

    Love the personalized piggie. Simple, quick and personalized. You can't go wrong!

  2. Yay! I love that piggy bank. I may have to steal this idea and make one for Baby B in the future! Your trio there is so adorable by the way.

  3. Gorgeous picture of the kids and a great project for Wynns new cousin when she comes.

  4. I have to get one of those machines - seriously - that is just too cute for words -
    and your family is gorgeous !!!

  5. I still want a silhouette! How fun! I just found a great site for teaching kids about money and wanted to make Jacob a piggy bank. Yours is darling!

  6. I'm one more wanting to get my hands on one of those machines. You've done so many great projects! That's a beautiful picture of your three darlings ;)

  7. STOP with the craftiness already. You make me feel like a HUGE slacker. I hardly have time to keep up on laundry and I only have 2 little ones! Seriously though, it's cute! I love my silhouette although I haven't used it as much as I'd like to!

    That picture of all three kiddos?
    I die.

  8. Very cute!! and so easy. I love it!

  9. gah! Look at those sweet kiddos! Wynn must love being a big sister. :) I can't wait to be able to do projects with my little one. She's a ways off, though, ha.


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