Monday, February 9, 2015

Baby Food Lid Snowflakes for Kids

One day I will use up all of the food pouch lids in my house. Well..maybe. This is a fun idea to do with kids when you are stuck inside like we've been for months now.  

Using scrapbook paper, glue, a pencil and baby food lids we created snowflakes. I had Wynn help me draw out the lines, and then I placed pencil dots for where Wynn could place the glue for the lids.  We did the first one together, and then I let her get creative with the second one.

Obviously Elsa/Minne Mouse aka Wynn was into a much more colorful snowflake, and was very proud of her creation.  

These are now proudly hanging up in Wynn's room.  Thank goodness for recycled craft materials once again.


  1. I miss those dress up days. Wynn is so adorable and super crafty :)

  2. Another cute project for Wynn! She's well on her way to blog stardom with her great ability to think outside the lines! Wouldn't it be fun if we had colored snowflakes??

  3. Elsa/Minnie Mouse really knows how to work those camera angles! :) A true artist!

  4. I knew that all those baby food tops would come in handy someday! Great project Wynn!


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