Monday, February 2, 2015

Frozen Party Favors

For Wynn's party it was mostly adults, and it was not the type of party to hand out plastic toys and candy necessarily. I thought it may be fun to have Wynn make the favors for her party guests.

We were already making handprint ornaments for Christmas, and had some extra salt dough left. We were using the recipe found here.

Wynn and I cut the snowflakes out using a snowflake cookie cutter. Then we used craft paint, and Wynn painted with the white paint and a foam brush.  Then I added some simple dots and stars with a smaller brush in some turquoise craft paint.

I placed each snowflake ornament in a blue paper favor bag from Target. I put them in a basket with Frozen colored snowflakes from the Target Dollar Spot. Then added a foam snowflake and wrote in sharpie the phrase. It was on a table by my front door with one of my favorite pictures of Wynn and a cherry snowman. It worked out to sit everything there and so my mom brain would not allow me to forget to hand them out as people left.


  1. Those are sweet little party favors! And of course it was all so perfect for this cold, snowy weather!

  2. Those are the cutest little ornaments and I bet your guests were happy to have something handmade by you and Wynn. You find the best stuff at Target. They should sponsor you!

  3. I LOVE them! You two are the perfect team creating such cute crafts!

  4. What a sweet favor and how special that they are homemade. Wynn is such a crafty little girl!


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