Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Paper Straw Apple Project

I came up with two ideas that you along with kids can make for the teachers in your lives. They are inexpensive and can easily be paired with a small gift card or even some spring flowers from your garden as well. The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, and it is a great time to thank a teacher for all they do throughout the long school year.

I purchased paper straws for around $3 from Wal-Mart. Then I found a canvas I had previously purchased for a few dollars from Michaels. The other materials I used were a green pipe cleaner, a glue gun, red ribbon, and a small metal and paper tag.

Wynn and I worked together to snip the straws at various lengths, and then we arranged them into the shape of an apple. Once we had the shape we wanted, I then used the hot glue gun to attach the pieces to the canvas.

Then I made two simple loops with the pipe cleaner, and then glued that to the top of the apple on the canvas. I wrote #1 teacher on the paper tag, and wrapped the twine it came with around the stem of the apple.

To add a bit more detail to the canvas itself we added some strips of ribbon to the canvas as well. You can really do anything to add more to the canvas. Maybe even strips of color coordinated scrapbook paper.

Another quick idea Wynn and I made together was an apple ornament. I had leftover glass ornaments from Michaels. Wynn helped me to squeeze some craft paint into the ornament, and then I shook the paint around to cover the entire inside. It was easier for me to do it being that the ornament is glass. Then she helped me write on the outside of the ornament with a paint pen.  We also added the pipe cleaner stem to this project idea as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember anything that you can do to make a teacher smile is appreciated. Even a handwritten note expressing your gratitude. I remember feeling grateful for all thoughtful messages and small tokens of thanks that I was given when I was a teacher.

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