Monday, April 20, 2015

Updating Outdoor Furniture With Paint

Valspar's outdoor spray paint for plastic items may be my new best friend. It makes something drab turn into something fabulous with only a few minor steps.  We have had a few plastic chairs for our side yard for a few years. I purchased them at a local pharmacy for $10 a piece on a random sale day.  They are perfect because we can take them anywhere in the yard the kiddos want to play. The colors I found at Lowe's were a navy and light blue. They are only a few dollars a can, and so it is a lot cheaper to do this than purchase new chairs.
The first step was to power wash the chairs in order to get them nice and clean for the spray paint. I will admit that it makes the chair feel a bit gritty once it has been power washed, but the spray paint gave it a smooth feeling again.  As you can see the chairs began as plain tan and were not exactly inviting.

Each chair took approximately two cans of spray paint with two coats on them each. We have two other chairs to go, but we wanted to see how the color works out. The lighter blue worked better because it was closer to the original shade, and the darker navy needed more of a second coat due to the tan showing through.

I purchased some outdoor throw pillows last summer from Overstock, and the colors blend perfectly with the chairs now. I am so happy to give these chairs a new life because we will be getting a lot of use out of them this season that is for sure.


  1. We have those exact same chairs and they are starting to look pretty shabby. I'm going to try that spray paint on them! Thanks for the tip!

  2. You got yourself a pair of new chairs! :) Love the colors you chose, and those pillows are adorable!


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