Sunday, May 31, 2015

Playroom Directional Sign

Still working on the playroom I came up with something we could put on the wall on the opposite side of the couch from the PLAY sign.  I thought of doing a sign with the mileage information to some of our family members homes.

First I went to search through the scrap wood pile in the garage for some pieces to use for the sign.
I thought I would attach it all to a wooden post, but then Rob suggested we just paint a fake post onto the wall to not worry about screwing it all into the wall, and pushing off the wall even farther.

I used my Silhouettte Cameo machine and chose a few various fonts to create the wording. I used Google Maps to get general mileage information, and then cut out the wording on black vinyl. 

We had some leftover Sherwin Williams Anonymous Gray paint to use on them.  I painted them after a light sanding and Rob cutting pointed ends on the pieces.
 It only took one coat to cover the pieces and once they were dry I applied the vinyl lettering using the Silhouette transfer paper. I ended up putting two locations on one piece of wood after Rob suggested doing this, and then I took off the -'s for the locations to fit them all on together.
I taped off a line with Frog Tape on the wall, and Rob used some leftover trim paint to paint a white post.  Then he nailed in the three signs at random angles.  

We included the grandparents and various other special people to the kids. Wynn offered the idea of Disney World the other day, and so I included that as well.

Hope you enjoyed this idea, and thanks so much for stopping by our blog.


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