Sunday, May 17, 2015

Water Table Fishing - Kids Activity

Now that the weather has really heated up around here I've been searching for some cooling off activities that all the kids will like. I saw this adorable idea on Buggy and Buddy.

I purchased the following items from either Lowes or Jo-Ann Fabrics: 

1 package of craft foam sheets
Wooden Dowels

The total out of pocket expense for this project was around $12. You can purchase sheets of foam on clearance right now at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $0.50 a piece.  

I had paper clips, a sharpie, rope and a glue gun already on hand in my home.  The first step was to cut out the fish shape in various colors of craft foam. Then I had Wynn write numbers on each of the fish. She is just learning to write the numbers past ten, and so I thought this was good practice for her. Then we slipped a paper clip on each of the fish.

Rob took a small drill bit and drilled a small hole in the top of the dowel. It made it easier to insert the screw eye hooks to the top of the dowel.

Cut a piece of rope or string about half the length of the dowel itself.  The tie it to the top of the dowel through the eye hook.  

Use a hot glue gun to attach the magnet to the end of the rope.  Then the rod is complete. You could even let the children decorate their fishing rod with markers or stickers. Wynn is still working on forward facing threes. :)

Place the fish in a water table or plastic tub if you have that instead. I let the kids fish together at first, and then Wynn had her own fishing experience later on. They all had fun with this activity.  Wynn just called out numbers, and the one year olds just simple fished and called out colors.

I was so happy that we found another way to use the water table this summer. Looking forward to finding or creating some new fishing activities. 


  1. We just pulled out our water table this weekend! I'll have to try this out. Bryce is obsessed with all things water and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of this!

  2. Such a fun and learning activity for the kids! I can see them hard at work all Summer long! :)


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