Sunday, July 26, 2015

Playroom Rug Pad Review

I had purchased an indoor/outdoor rug for the playroom for several reasons. It is usually quite less expensive than a traditional rug for the size I needed, and it seems to be a lot easier to clean.  Plus, if the kiddos destroy it down the road I will not cry over it. The only issue we have had with it so far is that it moves around when they run. It sits directly on the laminate floor Rob installed, which is extremely slippery with just the rug itself sitting on the floor.  I had a rug pad sitting in my cart  on Amazon for a few months.   It just seemed to be something I never remembered to actually purchase.

I was approached by a client care specialist from RugPadUSA and they offered to send us a rug pad for us for a review. We were provided with a rug pad that was specifically cut to the dimensions of our rug.  I needed a rug pad that was 7 feet by 11 feet, and they cut it down an inch all away around to ensure it would fit properly.

We were able to navigate their site very easily, and it was quite nice that they have everything separated based on the type of flooring you will need the pad to be placed upon.  We chose the the Premium Lock rug pad because it was rated a 5 out of 5 on their site based on cushion, durability and grip. All three major considerations for us when choosing a pad for the playroom especially.

The rug pads are all made in the USA, and this particular rubber backing is guaranteed not to break apart. There is a 20 year warranty, and I am quite sure that this may out last the use of the playroom.

When we received the rug pad we were able to unroll it and put in in place quickly. Then the the kiddos ran all over it. It did not budge, and it was quite evident under our bare feet that the 1/3" thickness added quite a bit of cushion. Before the rug really did not have much comfort due to it being an indoor/outdoor rug.  Here is additional proof that this rug is actually more comfortable now with the pad from RugPadUSA.  A sleeping dog while the kids are running around the room throwing blocks.

Thank you RugPadUSA for providing us with this great addition to the playroom. Sometimes it is the things you do not actually see that are the most helpful and useful in the space. We highly recommend this company for their product and their customer service if you are in the market for a great rug pad for any area rug in your home. 

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  1. They're a great idea. I removed the rug in the kids area because they kept slipping. I'm going to check them out.


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