Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Updated Nursery Gallery Wall

It has been a month since my last post. I will go ahead and blame it on the fun I am having this summer with the kiddos. We are preparing for the arrival of baby #4, and thankfully he is going to be eventually sharing a room with the boys. That means that there is a essentially no nursery to do for him alone. However, there are a few updates I am making to the room we did for the twins in order to make room for this little guy.

I had some wall art that I purchased from Etsy on the wall above the PB Knock Off Bed that Rob built for the nursery. However, now that bed will be moved out to make room for the third crib in the room. I have a vinyl decal to put above the crib, and so then I needed to move the art to a different wall in the room.

I had previously purchased two birth announcement printables from Etsy, and they had been the only two lonely pieces of wall decor on this larger wall that you see when you enter the room.

 I purchased a third similar frame from Amazon to place the new baby's announcement in it when that is ordered. I took the three frames and assembled them along with the other three Etsy pieces I had on the wall rather quickly. I had to go and pick up the kiddos, and so this project took me approximately 10 minutes to pull together.

I cut out some bow tie shapes in turquoise adhesive vinyl and randomly placed them on the wall after I hung up all the artwork.

I am happy with the finished product, and if I ever need to change it it should be very easy to do. The turquoise of the bow ties coordinate with the mobile I made for the boys two years ago. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Those bow ties are so cute! Such a fun way to add a little more interest and color to the wall!

  2. It all ties together so well, Megan! Love the big print!

  3. How precious. All it needs is another sweet baby boy to make an appearance.

  4. Holy cow! Clearly my life has been crazy and I totally haven't visited in a while so I had no idea you are pregnant again! Congratulations!


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