Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fireworks in a Jar

We are on a patriotic theme kids activities kick at our house. This one is super easy to pull off with items you probably already have on hand. This idea was originally shared on I Can Teach My Child

You will need the following:  

Warm Water
Vegetable Oil
Food Coloring
Plastic or Glass Clear Container

Fill your container with warm water approximately three quarters full.  Pour three to four tablespoons of oil into a bowl. Then add several drops of food coloring to the bowl.  Take a fork and gently blend the food coloring and the oil.

Gently pour the food coloring and oil mixture into the warm water. 
As soon as the food coloring and oil mixture hits the warm water it starts to make "fireworks" in the water. We actually tried this several times, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. This was very easy to set up before lunch or dinner time, and it entertained the kids while I put their meals together.  Hooray for pre-meal entertainment that actually does not involve a screen for once.  Thanks so much for stopping by as always!


  1. might have to try this with the kids. they would probably get a big kick out of it. hope you are having a great week.


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