Monday, June 15, 2015

Golf Ball Firework Art

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and Wynn and I got started on some patriotic crafts for window decorations. The supplies you will need for this craft are:

-golf balls
-Dollar Tree cake pan or other container
-plastic cup
-plastic fork or spoon
-construction paper

I originally saw this idea on the blog The Realistic Mama and was excited to see something that we could make that would be easy to do and clean up.

We were lucky that a relative gave us about five hundred golf balls that ended up in her yard from golfers missing the course completely. Therefore, we did not have to buy any new balls to use for this project. I'm sure that would be considered a sin.

The first step was that we poured paint into a plastic cup and dropped in the ball. Wynn used a plastic fork to get the ball covered completely. Then I traced the bottom of the cake pan on a piece of construction paper and placed the paper into the pan. Wynn flipped the ball out of the cup and pushed it around the pan.  It was fun to see the pattern that the golf ball made with the paint.

Next we added in some blue paint and she continued the process again.
Wynn was more excited that it was turning out purple in some of the places from the combining of colors.  We did various colors of paper, and then we placed them on the counter to dry for a bit.
Once dry we used scissors to simply cut out the shape of fireworks. We hung them on our french door windows for the 4th. Wynn has already asked to make more, and I am sure we will do a few extra. It was quick and easy and we have all the materials to make them.
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you and your kiddos try these out too!

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