Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Patriotic Eraser Stamped Shirt

I had pinned this cute idea from the blog Cutesy Crafts.  I decided that we would make this shirt for a Fourth of July picnic we are going to this summer. I picked up a $4.50 shirt from Target yesterday. It was the perfect price to make a custom shirt.  
You will also need pencils with new erasers (I used some leftover Dollar Tree pencils), fabric paint, freezer paper, shape cut out of any type of paper, and an iron.

Decide on the shape that you would like to use and trace it on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper. Then cut it out and use an iron on medium heat to adhere the freezer paper to the shirt.
Wynn asked for a heart shape. Then I placed a little bit of paint on some parchment paper for her to dip the erasers into. It made for much easier clean up at the end.  Then Wynn would simply stamp on the eraser until it ran out of paint on the end of it. Then she was on a roll stamping the eraser all around the heart shape. Then we did the same thing with the blue paint as well.
We let the paint dry for a few hours and then we simply pulled off the freezer paper very gently.  It came off quite easily.
Here is Wynn in her newly designed shirt.  I think we may have to do this for a few of the holidays coming up. Maybe pumpkins for the pumpkin patch trip or even a Christmas tree in the winter.  Maybe even a number shirt for a birthday celebration.  For more ideas check out the Cutesy Crafts Blog.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. You really know how to empower Wynn's talents! Model, diy'er, crafty girl... and in the best way, while having fun! Love this project and yeah, the fact that it can be done for any kind of celebration!

  2. I love that your crafts allow Wynn to not only participate in but put her own stamp on as well. I love this sweet shirt on your very sweet girl!


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