Sunday, July 1, 2012

Curb Appeal Makeover by Amy & Chris

Our homeowners association makes a drive by every few years.  And then notifies the homeowners of any updates that need to be made to the outside of the home. We recieved a letter stating our shutters need to be re-painted. Chris and I disagree because we think the shutters are fine, but the association will be back in 45 days to check on it. Since we have to re-paint we decided to go for a different color.  And give the outside of the home a facelift and different look. Here is what our home looked like before ( I love the red and will miss it, but was time for a change) We also decided to also re-vamp the mailbox.

Here is the after.  Amazing what paint can do!

Thanks for stopping by! Amy & Chris


  1. I love the color... but am sure amazed that some association can tell you to paint the shutters?.. That is foreign to me, haven't heard that one before.

  2. I agree with the previous poster ... WTF? Your shutters looked fine! What would have happened if you said no? Nice job in repainting though.

  3. Think the shutters looked fine before, ugh.. so glad I don't live in a neighborhood like that. I know some people love it but being told what to do is NOT for me! LOL. I love the change though! and I guess it is always nice when all the homes look updated and maintained. Hope you have a great 4th of July!

  4. Love the shutters and the mailbox update! Interesting homeowners association, to say the least!

  5. Aren't HOA's just fantastic?! Ugh. We recently moved into a neighborhood with one that seems to pick and choose who they cite/notify of violations and infractions. Nice job on the shutters, they look awesome. The red was fun, but I like the new color choice too. Happy 4th!


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