Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paint Swatch Sample Chandelier by Amy & Chris

I found this cute DIY paint swatch chandelier project from The Sweetest Occassion. I thought it would a great touch for a baby shower that my sister in law and I are throwing for a friend. I started by picking up paint swatch samples from Lowes and believe me when I say be generous you'll need a lot!!! Youll need a small lamp shade, string and tape. I punched out circles and started taping them together making individual strips.

Flip the lamp shade over and start tying the paint swatch strips on the lower part and then the top until its full creating a two tier look.

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Amy & Chris


  1. omg! adorable!!!!!!!!

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  2. Oh I love this! That little pop of color at the bottom just makes it! So clever and I do love a good paint chip project!

  3. Wow, it looks great!

  4. What an easy project with a BIG impact. That is so adorable. I want to make one now :)

  5. Shush Your Mouth! Now how cute CUTE is that! I Love it! Who would think it... paint chips! Dang it, I need to stock up! :)

  6. So, so cute. I love how it looks like colorful capiz shells. :)

  7. Oh my gosh! This comes at the perfect time. These would be awesome to use at my daughter's mermaid birthday party. LOVE.

  8. This is actually a very good idea. Love the way it looks and hope you had fun at the baby shower.I just found your blog through the simply link party!

    Love and Whimsy

  9. Loving the Pinspiration!!

    Visiting via the Bloglovin' blog hop :)


  10. ADORABLE!! Something like this would look SO sweet in my littles bedroom...thanks for the inspiration. Visiting via the July Bloglovin' blog hop. :)


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