Friday, March 15, 2013

Simple Baby Gift

If you know anything about me it must be that I am really into quick, cute and inexpensive gift ideas.  I had a friend recently host a christening for her daughter. I wanted to give her a little something for her room.  I found this white washed frame at Michaels for minimal cost. Then I added some scrapbook paper, some striped vellum and a small cardboard "a" for the little one's name.  I added this to a few other items that I had picked up for this sweet girl. I figured that this is something that could stay with her and was not too baby like.

This is a gift idea that can be changed up in a variety of ways too. It was a total of around $7.

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  1. That is very pretty. I really like that ou didn't o babyish. So many lovely thing don't get used for long as they outgrow them but this would still be suitable for my 11 year old

  2. I love it Megan! What a cute gift and I'm sure it will hang in that little girls room for several years!

  3. You give the best gifts Megan - cute, personal, thrifty and always from the heart!

  4. What a sweet gift. So, is your friend the type that will change it out or will you have to go over there now and again and change it out for her :)

  5. What a perfect gift! My daughter still loves for her room anything with her first initial on it! Love the colors you chose!

  6. What a cute gift idea! Thanks for sharing it at my Real Family Fun link party.
    Take care,

  7. I love the simplicity of this. It's a great gift idea! I can imagine fabric being used in a piece like this too!



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