Monday, March 2, 2015

A Sweet Little Box of Drawers

For Christmas, I received a few presents inside the drawers of this little box.. Rob's grandmother said she thought I would be able to make it new again and find a fun use for it. It was Rob's great grandmother's and she used it for holding her sewing goodies. 

I sanded it just a bit, but the paint I purchased said that it did not need to be sanded after all.  I purchased this Folk Art chalk paint from Jo-Ann Fabrics a few weeks ago. I painted two coats on, and then lined the front of the each drawer with a strip of washi tape. I figured if I ever needed to make a change it would be easy to remove the tape. Also, it took about two minutes to add the tape. I am a fan of quick and easy as you may already know.

I put a picture of the orginal box of drawers on Instagram a few weeks ago, and asked for ideas on how to use this box. My best friend, Jessica, suggested that I use it to hold Wynn's hair accessories. It ended up being perfect for this.  Wynn know has quite the collection and they seemed to be in one jumbled pile.

Wynn sorted all of her hair accessories and then we placed them in the drawers. This is now sitting on her dresser looking super cute.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I cannot wait to share the progress Rob is making on our new playroom for the kiddos. Details are coming soon. I think my Pinterest board for it may or may not be getting a little out of hand.


  1. What a fantastic idea to use it for Wynn's hair accessories. I have a drawer full of Grace's and it's chaos. Love your refashioned box of drawers.

  2. How lovely! I have a triangular shaped box with small drawers and I've been looking for ways to make it look snazzier. Yours is darling!

  3. Too cute, Megan!! How does Wynn like it?


  4. Oh yeah, one can't never have too many drawers! Love the tape accents and the fact that you can change them any time!

  5. visiting from handmade hangout... so cute! I love little drawer things like this! I just am not so good at decorating them to look amazing, instead of just something I painted over! I hadn't thought of putting hair stuff in the drawers...good idea. I'll buy the next one I see and try again!


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