Monday, March 23, 2015

Playroom Project Part 2 - Trim, Doors and Painted Stairs

Well if you did not get a chance to see where this room started about a month and a half ago go here.  This weekend was full of painting and more painting.  We just chose a basic trim for the walls. Rob used the Wagner power sprayer to paint all of the doors and the trim for the room.  Thank goodness the weather was halfway decent this weekend to get it done outside for once.

As you can tell from the picture Rob still needs to work on a panel to cover the fuse box. We are awaiting our electrician to come over on Thursday to hook up all the outlets to the new fuse he will be adding. Then Rob will work on that. For now it allows us access to the only working outlet in the room which is right below the box itself.

Next up came the steps. We went back and forth with what to do with them. In the end we decided that painted stairs worked best for us.  First, I cleaned off the steps completely. Then Rob used a power sander to get the steps nice and cleaned up and ready for primer. I then wiped down the steps to get ride of all the dust that accumulated during sanding.  Why am I always the one that does the cleaning? Just kidding!

 Then we painted two coats of primer and allowed it to dry completely. Finally we added two coats of semi gloss white paint as the top coat. 
We searched through a few ideas we have pinned in the past, and then Rob just went for it. He put down some painters tape on one side of the steps, and then we measured the same distance from the other.  It was quite easy to do. It only took a few minutes to tape everything off.

Finally Rob added two coats of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (the wall color) between the two strips on either side and down the middle.  We had to do a bit of touching up afterwards but otherwise it came out pretty crisp all around. We plan on sealing them as well, but that is after all the moving stuff in and out of finish up projects is over with in a few weeks.

Next up is installing cabinets for the desk area with a counter. We plan on going with about a 48 inch laminate counter from Lowe's that is very cost effective. Also installing the projector and figure out the screen situation.


  1. Such a beautiful touch on the stairs, makes me miss my old basement steps! That playroom is going to get some serious use!

  2. Wow, you guys are on a roll! The whole space looks so good and now this steps, just gorgeous!

  3. Wow! You guys have made so much progress! The room is looking great and those steps are amazing!


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