Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Gift Idea

As you probably have already noticed I love to send in a little something for Wynn's teachers every once in a while. Being a former teacher myself I know how stressful the year can get especially as we approach spring break. Wynn and I went to Target together and picked out a few goodies to share.

These adorable baskets are available in the Dollar Spot for $3. They had a few different colors. Wynn mentioned that her teacher said how much she loves Peeps. So, Wynn picked out a box of yellow chicks for her. We added a simple chalkboard label tag to all the gifts, and I purchased a package of them from Michaels. I wrote the names with chalkboard markers so they would not smear.

We also picked up some burlap bags for the teacher assistants in the Target Dollar Spot and they were a dollar each. We filled them with some end of the aisle clearance plain note cards. I took them out of the packaging and tied this with a ribbon. Then we also added a white chocolate egg we found for a buck in the Easter candy aisle.  The gifts cost around $4 to make for each teacher. Wynn has four teachers, and so this was a pretty cost effective way to send a little thanks.  Here is a little shot of all the chalkboard tags together before we assembled the gifts.

I had some paper flowers that I had gotten in the Michaels dollar aisle last year, and I know they still have them in there now. I hot glued a little flower to the front of each bag to add a little bit of something to it.

Hope you liked this idea! This is a little something that can be given to anyone!

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  1. These are adorable. Those preschool teachers are going to love it and...Wynn's kindergarten teacher is going to LOVE you.


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