Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hand Print Art

I saw this adorable project by Creatively Living Blog when I was perusing Pinterest early one morning with the baby.  I immediately began the search for a long and narrow frame in a gray color.  I found a frame at Kohls for around $10. It was the perfect size for this project.  This would also make a great holiday gift as well.

I mixed up some black and white finger paint to get a dark gray, and painted all of the kids hands when they woke up from their naps. Have some baby wipes nearby because they make for easy clean up. Then I simply wrote their names with a Sharpie, and put them in order from youngest to oldest. Such a simple project, and I absolutely adore how tiny the baby's hand is in this project.

Now it is hanging up right next to the newly painted fireplace.  Thanks for stopping by!

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