Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PBK Inspired Bunny Garland

I saw an adorable bunny garland on the PBK site a few weeks ago.  I made my own banner for my china cabinet in the dining area.  

I cut out the bunny shapes on my Silhouette Cameo using some scrapbook paper that I purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics in a large pad form.  

I used some pom pom yarn that I had already and cut the small poms off to make the bunny tails. Then I used it attach the bunny shapes to in order to hang it across my cabinet. Which I might add is full of wine, martini and other types of glasses that I have not used in a year. :)
I really love the patterns that were available in this pad of scrapbook paper. It is hard to tell in the picture, but they have some gold foil in some of the bunnies.

This was an easy project to put together, and Wynn even helped me glue all the bunny tails on.  Here is my inspiration from PBK. I love the shapes of their bunnies too. They are really cute, however this is definitely something you can make on your own in no time.  If you do not have a Silhouette you could always trace a cookie cutter if you have one around for Easter too.

Pottery Barn Kids

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  1. Very cute, Wynn must be getting excited with all the bunny decor going up :)

  2. Adorable. You have such a great eye with patterns (in both fabric and paper form). This garland is so cute.

  3. That is so darling! I love the cotton puffs between the bunnies too!

  4. I'm having a crush with bunnies lately, I need to save this idea for next year, love it!


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