Sunday, February 26, 2012

Armoire Turned Toy Locker by Rob & Megan

We were able to purchase a pine armorie for $40 dollars.  We were looking for better storage options for toys and dress up clothes in our basement.  Here is the armoire before anything was done to it.

First, Rob took the doors off and sanded down the entire piece than painted Posh Red from Valspar, left over from Buffet an earlier project.   Then Rob took the back off which was two pieces and replaced it with one sheet of 1/4 inch plywood.  Stenciled on in polar bear white a design than painted over it with the same Posh Red as the armiore to add a tone on tone look. Made a top shelf and divider out of 1x10 and 1x8 pine board.  Attatched them together then inserted and anchored them to bottom and sides of the armiore.  Here is the after:

We were going for the locker style look and hope to add some baskets and hooks to hang all those dress up clothes.  :)

Armoire - $40
Paint & Supplies - leftover from other projects
Stencil from  $27.00 (and we plan to use this on one of our next projects. 

Total- $67.00

Thanks for checking the this project out.

Rob and Megan

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Half Bath Morrocan Inspired Makeover

Our half bath on the main floor is the only room in the house we did not paint when we moved in. It was about time for a change but for the longest time I did not know what i wanted to do with it. Ive been inspired lately by Moroccan design and that was the theme for our half bath. Chris was doubtful of the purple, he could not see my vision. I told him to relax and wait to see the finished product. After all was complete, he loved it and could not believe the transformation. Before our half bath was green...

I decided on a purple/metallic gold look. After I painted everything purple, I stenciled the main wall with a metallic gold color. I did not want to spend money on a new light fixture so I painted it the same color as the stencil. We added a shelf above the toilet with Moroccan inspired accessories...I am amazed at the transformation and wish I would have done this a while ago. I wish it was not a half bath because I do not want to leave the area.

Total cost:
Paint in Zinfandel (Home Depot) $30
Stencil ( Etsy) $15
Martha Stewart specialty metallic paint in Vintage Gold (Home Depot) $5
Gold metallic candle holder (Michaels) $2
Shelf (Home Goods) $15
Metallic Elephant (Home Goods) $10
White Moroccan lantern (Home Goods) $6

Hope you enjoy!

Amy & Chris

Entry/Hallway Stripes

After we gave the staircase a facelift, our hallway just seemed blah! Chris and I decided to paint stripes which were 9 inches apart. Chris did the measuring and taping and I did the painting:) This project takes patience which my husband doesn't always have when he gets frustrated lol.

All you need is a little patience, tape, laser level, pencil and painting materials.

We are thrilled with the finished project. The stairs and stripes pop and make the entry way more welcoming. I plan to hang a pictures on the opposite wall. I will update when that is finished.

Espresso Bean ( Home Depot) $3
Roller $4
Tape, pencil, laser level: already had from previous projects

Thank for stopping by:) Chris & Amy

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Mudroom in a Closet

We have a very small front entrance when you enter our home.  To the left of the entry door is another wall, which made for some very close quarters. I was hinting to Rob that we should change it up in this area. Every time I have to close these bi fold doors something new is blocking the doors from closing.  It was becoming a pit of stuff on the floor and so disorganized. If you know me it was really getting on my last nerve. :)

So we decided to go through with a project (Rob did the manual labor and I did the shopping)  We are a good team that way. Here is the closet inside before. Two upper shelves and the typical rod.  Obviously this photo was taken after the other 15 coats, mittens, gloves, hats and shoes were taken out.  :)

Rob began to take measurements with his assistant, Wynn.

Using 2 by 4 Rob framed out the front and back of the cabinet at the bottom.  This will give something for the lid for the cabinet to rest on.

Using quarter inch plywood Rob created boxes inside the frame he made above. 

Rob used the Kreg system to screw together three white pine boards together for the lid. The first picture shows how the Kreg system is set up.

Next Rob wanted to create a front for the cabinet using beadboard that we had leftover from another project.  Rob used the table saw to cut a groove down the middle of a 1 by 4 that allowed him to slide the piece of beadboard in place.

Then he matched the piece flush with the top panel of the front board he created.
Using outdoor fabric and 3 inch foam from Joann Fabrics Rob added this to the top of the pine boards he put together above. He used a pneumatic staple gun to attach this easily.
We found four pillow covers from Etsy and pillow inserts from OnlineFabricStore to give a finishing touch.

Here is our new shelf, hooks and baskets. The hooks are just high enough so the coats won't go over the pillows below.

Total Cost Breakdown

Wood - Lowes $125
Paint/Painting Supplies: free because we used paint from other projects.
Foam $32.00 (60% off) at Joann Fabrics
Material $20 (on sale) at Joann Fabrics
Pillow Covers $63.40 from Etsy Stores CottageRuffles and ArtisticCotton
Pillow Inserts $42.00 from
Hooks: $20.68 from Amazon for 4
Baskets: $27 from Michaels
Shelving: redone from the shelves that were previously in the closet

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Staircase Facelift

Chris and I felt like our staircase did not match the rest of our house or our style. Purchasing a new staircase and banister was out of the question and sanding it would have been a huge mess to do inside. Instead of sanding we found a cheap and faster alternative. All you need is cover stain primer and paint color of your choice. We opted for the two tone look....Enjoy!

Cover stain primer $20
White semi-gloss: already had from other projects
Behr paint in Espresso Bean (only needed a sample can) $5
Brushes: $30

Total: $55

Chris and Amy

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Updated $40 Mahogany Buffet

We purchased this buffet on Craigslist for $40.  It was close by and a steal so we were happy to get it.  Rob was told by the owner it was a mahogany piece from the 1920's. First he sanded down the buffet and then applied Posh Red by Valspar that he purchased from Lowe's. Rob painted 3 layers and did 3 layers of polyurethane on it for the finished look for supplies for paint and other items it was around $45.  He spent an additional $50 dollars on new hardware for the piece since some of the original pieces were broken and unusable. 

Total Cost of Project $135

Materials- Paint, Polyurethene, other supplies $45
Materials - Hardware $50
Buffet - $40

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Polka Dot Birthday Party

I've been an avid party blog follower forever it seems. I have found so many wonderful ideas and inspirations especially after becoming a member of pinterest. Here are some of the ideas that I love and have incorporated into my daughter Wynn's birthday party.

Here is Wynn's party hat that she really did not want to wear that much. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Here are all the party details:

Invitations - Sassy Alice

Wynn's Outfit - Modern Frills

Wynn's Hat - Shop Lissy

tissue paper flowers, balloons, paper straws Shop Sweet Lulu

 personalized placemats Lucy Sue

mini doughnuts Dough A Deer

fondant cake toppers Two Sugar Babies

Vintage Confections - #2 Lollipops Vintage Confections

cookies -  Sunshine Bakes

Fabric - Joann Fabrics

Lanterns - Oriental Trading

Ribbon - Michael's - christmas sale