Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gossip Table Transformed

Our neighbor has once again given us a great project to work on.  He was responsible for the iron piece in our pallet table.  Now the other day he saw us outside and asked if we wanted his grandmother's table. Apparently this table sat in her dining room for quite some time, and then had been in his basement for a number of years.  The pictures were taken with my phone so they are a little dark.  It was essentially a dark yellow table before.
 The best part of this table is that it is a telephone table and the chair pulls out. How cute is this?  
Rob stripped and sanded down all the old paint that was chipping, and then wiped it down with some mineral spirits.  
We wanted to put this in a room that already has gray colored furniture, so we were able to reuse paint we already had.  This saved some money, and it turned out great. The color is by Valspar and the name is Woodlawn Colonial Gray. Here is the chair seat painted after the first coat.
Rob gave the top of the table at coat of stain, and painted the legs of it to match the chair section.  It took several coats of paint and a lot of hand sanding it between to get good coverage over the dark wood.
This entire project was free because we used a free table and leftover paint & stain. Here is the final product:

 It can even be a laptop desk instead of telephone table now. 
Or you can leave it put together and have it as an occasional table or night stand.
It's going to go perfectly in the room near this cute table I snagged at the Tag Sale done by Elizabeth and Co. the other day. This was the table I got at their sale:

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Drum Table

I picked up this drum table for $35 at a local thrift shop. It was in pretty good shape, just had a little damage on the top of it. Rob used stripper on the top of it, sanded it, and cleaned it up. The major transformation is the top is a lot brighter now.  It is the perfect height next to our sofa.  Here are the before pictures:

 Here are the after pictures:

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bloglovin Blog Hop

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I am super excited to be hosting a Bloglovin' Blog Hop with Cari and Courtnee from Two Sasters, Amy from While Wearing Heels, Pam from Pam's Party Planning & Practical Tips,  Kristy from Cup of Jo, Carrie from My Favorite Finds,  Megan from Our Pinteresting Family, Barb from Second Chance to Dream, Jacqueline from The Detox Diva and Megan from Shaping Up to be a Mom for the month of July. 
What's Bloglovin' you ask?  Well, only the greatest way to keep track of the blogs that you love.  With the discontinuation of Google Friends Connect, I decided that I needed to find another way to keep up with all of my favorite blogs that are not hosted by blogger.  I signed up for Linky Followers and I've had great success with gaining new followers, but I’m finding I don’t get any traffic to my site from Linky.  I also do not enjoy reading my favorite blogs from there.  I stumbled upon Bloglovin' and I am in love!  It is very similar to Google Reader, in that you can see the beginning of the post and the first picture attached to the post.  Plus, Bloglovin' automatically updates your posts, unlike Linky Followers, which you have to manually update each time you write a new post.  I don't know about you, but I just don't have the time to do that every time.  Another added bonus is there is a Bloglovin' application for IPhone and Android devices.  Woohoo!  Like I don't spend enough time reading blogs.  Now it's a simple touch.  Love it!

***These are the complete instructions for sign up, so skip to the rules if you already have Bloglovin'***
In order to participate in this hop you need to sign up for Bloglovin’.  Go to Bloglovin'.   Hit the green sign up button in the right hand corner.  Next enter an email address and create your password.  You will get a confirmation eamil that you will need to follow a link back to Bloglovin' to continue the process.  Once you click on the link you will be brought to a page where it says to choose blogs to follow.  You don't need to do this.  Click next in the bottom right hand corner.  The next screen let’s you know about the mobile app so just click next again.  This screen will show that you are not following any blogs.  Click on Account in the upper right hand corner and toggle down to widget.  Choose the widget you want displayed on your page.  Put your url into the search query and it should pull up your site.  Click on your site and it will say display this icon.  The next page should bring you to a screen that has you display it into your layout.   Once you hit publish you’re done!  If you view your blog you should see the icon and now your followers can add you to their Bloglovin’ feed.  Seriously, so simple.  So let’s get to the blog hop.  This is a party so make sure to have some fun and mingle.

 There’s only a couple of rules:
2.      Add Bloglovin' to your blog.
3.      Post our button for the blog hop on your page to promote the fun.



If you're interested in co-hosting next month shoot me an email at  I also have some sponsor spots still available for August, which you can find here.  Alright, so let's have some fun and mingle!  Please link up your bloglovin profile.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paint Swatch Sample Chandelier by Amy & Chris

I found this cute DIY paint swatch chandelier project from The Sweetest Occassion. I thought it would a great touch for a baby shower that my sister in law and I are throwing for a friend. I started by picking up paint swatch samples from Lowes and believe me when I say be generous you'll need a lot!!! Youll need a small lamp shade, string and tape. I punched out circles and started taping them together making individual strips.

Flip the lamp shade over and start tying the paint swatch strips on the lower part and then the top until its full creating a two tier look.

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Amy & Chris

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thrift Store Dresser Redo

Last week we had a date day/night for our anniversary. We did some normal things like go to the spa and dinner.  But, we also headed to Lowe's and the local thrift stores to find a new project.  We went to the local place called The Spare Room where all the proceeds benefit a home for recovering addicts.  It's a great place, and it's where we found our previous dresser redo.  We picked it up for $75, and thought it was a good deal and the money goes to a wonderful cause.

 The dresser came with a brass like plate around the top part of the side, but we removed it to find it looking just like the bottom half. The one side had a dent in it, so it would not have looked so good if we kept it.

Rob sanded it down really well, and then painted it in Valspar's paint and primer in one in the color Lucy Blue.  He also applied spray polyurethane.   We spray painted the hardware with some white spray paint to save some money. When looking around for 5 1/2 inch hardware there were not a lot of options, and they were pretty pricey.  Here is the final product:

Hope you like it. The entire project cost approximately $100.  Thanks for stopping by!


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wall Monogram with Paper Straw Border

I was able to get some seven to nine inch wall letters from Restoration Hardware's sale for $0.99 a piece last week.  I wanted to do something to freshen up Wynn's room inexpensively.

I picked up a pack of canvases from Michaels the other day on sale, and I also had a 25% off coupon. They ended up being about $2.00 a piece. 

I had some leftover paper straws from a baby shower that I helped out on. I placed the straws around the edges of the canvas.  
 Then I placed the letters where I wanted Rob to screw them in, and he screwed them in through the back into the hole where you would hang the letters on the wall.

Here is a close up of the final product. It brings a little pink into her mainly blue room.  I like how it cost under ten dollars to create. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Updated Accent Chair

I purchased an accent chair on Craiglist for $15.00. The woman said it was her great grandmother's chair, and I was excited to redo the chair. Here is how the chair looked before:

I painted it with leftover gray paint and found some remnant fabric at Joann's to use for the cushion. I ended up not having the time or patience to redo the upholstery myself. It needed an expert for that, so I was about to send to an antique shop nearby, and the gentlemen got it back to me in four days. Here is the finished product:

I am excited with the way it turned out, and I plan on using it with the desk I redid a few months back.  Thank you for stopping by! 


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