Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rocker Gets A Facelift

A few days ago I was able to attend a Tag Sale that was hosted by a blogger friend, Sharon and her friend of Elizabeth & Co.

I bought this little rocker for my daughter for approximately $25. I liked the look of the little chair and thought it was something she would love.  Here is the chair at the Tag Sale and with Wynn after she saw me come through the door with it.

It had some serious rust, so I began with my drill and brush accessory to get some of it off.  Sorry for the dark picture. I was in my garage working on this around 10 last night. I couldn't wait to get it done.

I spent approximately thirty minutes or so getting the big sections of rust off the chair.  
I then went to Lowe's today and bought some spray paint in a color called Golden Maize by Valspar. I asked Wynn what color she wanted and she said yellow. This was the best yellow color that I could find in stock today.  It was a beautiful day here in Maryland, so I was excited to get outside and get started.

I can't wait for Wynn to wake up from her nap to check out the new rocker. It is going to look good on the new deck that we are in the process of building.  Thanks for stopping by!! All together this project cost around $30. 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

He Said What? Rob's Design Point of View

Jessamie from Bird and Branch Redesign had a great idea to share some of her favorite design images with her husband.  She then asked him what he thought of them and share the responses on her blog.  

She is also asking that if you do this with your husband, significant other etc to link up to her party she is having called "Things He Says".  I thought that the responses from her husband and those that had linked up are hilarious. Check them out...

I emailed Rob the following images because I could not wait until we got home from work. This means that he was emailing back his reactions in between the P.E. classes that he teaches...ha.  Therefore his responses are short and sweet.

Here is what Rob said....

Can you say busy?

Too plain for me...too much white!

This looks like it's from the Bronson Pinchot Project. What's with the heads? (A favorite show of ours)

This looks like it's a bed from Aladdin and Jasmine's palace. (Our two year old is getting into all the Disney Princesses right now...poor Rob is subjected to playing princesses every day now)

This place looks like a barbershop with those stripes.

Looks like MC Esher designed this room

I really like this one! (What? ~ I never would have guessed that)

This was a really fun thing to try out...I have to get my brother in law Chris to do this. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elizabeth & Co - Finally Met a Fellow Blogger In Person

Today I was able to attend the Elizabeth & Co Tag Sale here in Westminster, MD.   Sharon was one of the first bloggers I found when we started our blog a few months ago. She is so sweet and has been such a great supporter.  I was so excited that I was off today and able to go to their sale. Here is a link to her blog Elizabeth & Co

Apparently I have been missing out on this tag sale four times a year...Main Street in our town was mobbed with cars trying to find a parking space at 4 when it opened. I was there at 4 and there were already probably thirty people shopping. WOW! It was amazing!! Here are some pictures that I took...

Snacks on a gorgeous yellow table.

Sharon painted this piece with her own homemade chalk paint. Check out her post on it:

Love the chevron bench

 What a beautiful buffet!
The kitchen area had plenty of vintage gems.

Loved this cute piece that was on the porch!

Their displays were amazing! I can't believe I was able to get photos without people in them The place was swarming with people that were so excited to be there.

 This piece is gorgeous!! 
What a beautiful color this dresser was!

I snagged this red rocker for my daughter, Wynn. It was too cute to pass up.

Wynn tested out the rocker with her baby doll when I got back.

You have to definitely check out the Elizabeth & Co blog. There are many ideas that are on there! Sharon is so sweet and I'm so glad I finally met a blogger in real life. :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bulletin Board by Megan

We had a large blank wall in our kitchen near our garage door. I had seen some great bulletin board ideas on Pinterest over the past few months, and decided it was time to create one for myself.  Here are the pins that inspired me...

I had an old frame in the basement that was not being used for anything at the time.  I spray painted it black.

I headed to Lowe's for some corkboard tiles. They had a pack of four 12 by 12 inch tiles for approximately $8.50. I needed a pack and a half for this project.

I then used the piece of cardboard that at been in the back of the frame as a backing for the cork tiles. I used spray adhesive to attach them to the cardboard.  

After the tiles were attached I used a stencil that we had bought for a previous project to put a design on the tiles. I used acrylic craft paint on the cork tiles for stenciling.

Using the tacky strips that came with the tiles I adhered the tiles on the cardboard to the wall.  I then hung the frame around the tiles.  This will be a great place for hanging my pictures, announcements, invitations, coupons, etc. I'm excited that I made this with many things that I already had around the house.

Total Cost $12.75 for the cork tiles from Lowe's

Thanks for checking out the latest project.  


Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Pinteresting Family...the actual family

We have been blogging for almost four months now...and we love it.  It has inspired us to actually complete the projects, recipes and other things that we are pinning on Pinterest. Thought we would introduce ourselves a little bit better...

She is the mind behind the designs in this household. She has the ability to transform projects using various types of paints. She has an eye for a deal and loves to watch The Nate Show for inspiration.   She has a great eye for combing styles to work for her rooms.

He is quickly becoming quite the handyman due to the ever extensive project list.   Home Depot is becoming his favorite place to be!  We cannot wait to share the trials and tribulations of his recent master closet project. Let's just say thank goodness his wife is a nurse.  He is also a huge help to his brother Rob when it comes to projects at Megan and Rob's house.  He is always willing to lend a hand and it's greatly appreciated.

This is me... the person in need of a serious Pin-ervention! My pinning has lead to more projects than we have ever tackled before. But, with running around with a two year old most days it is Rob who is taking on the project list in our garage.  (which is now a workshop instead of a place to park our cars.)
He has become the person that tackles most of the projects on the to do list.  His tool stash is increasing and trips to Lowe's are multiple times a day.  Thank goodness it's only a few miles away because we are beginning to be there more often than anywhere else.
Megan & Rob's daughter, Wynn
The littlest helper who loves to point out everything that has been painted and changed since the DIY projects have been going on. She loves playing with the measuring tape and pointing out where "we've made a mess" from projects.

Thanks for stopping by to meet everyone in Our Pinteresting Family!!  I'm also realizing that most of the photos are the family in sunglasses....that wasn't done intentionally. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Patio Furniture redo using Spray Paint by Amy & Chris

I wanted to some how spruce up our patio furniture and buying a new set was out of the question.  Using spray paint is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce anything from drab to fab! I forgot to take a picture of the cushions but your not missing anything, the cushions were tan and faded.

One coat of spray paint and new cushions!! and it looks great with our new shutter stand....

Now we both are excited to relax and enjoy our deck....

8 cans of spray paint in Granite (Home Depot) $ 45
Cushions (Walmart) $ 120 I used a $100 rebate I recieved from a previous purchase so i only paid $20 out of pocket!
Teal Lantern (Target on sale) $5
Small green lantern (Target on sale) $2

Thanks for stopping by: Amy & Chris

Wynn's Room by Rob and Megan

Before we did many DIY or home improvement projects around our house we completed the nursery for our daughter, Wynn.  This was also before we had a blog, so we thought we would share it because it is our favorite room in the house.

Here is a photo of the room the day we moved in, and at the point we began putting the nursery together it still looked like this a year later.  Rob began by laying Brazillian Koa flooring in the room and in the closet.  We then bought a zebra rug from Overstock for around $60.00.  That's our boy Barkley not looking very happy.  

 Rob then used mdf board to create wainscoting around the room.  He framed out the wainscoting but left it as plain wall inside each "box"   We painted it white and then painted above with Valspar's Woodlawn Silver Brook. We knew we were having a girl but liked the look of blue in her room.  

We ordered a decal with Wynn's name from A Hint of Chic Boutique on Etsy  and a ribbon mobile from Polka Dot Skies on Etsy. Our furniture is by Cocoon and we purchased it through WayFair.
 I framed coordinating scrapbook paper because I couldn't find any artwork that really matched the look that I was going for.
 I was able to get a matching bookcase from Target and decorated it with some of the gifts Wynn received at the shower.
Here is the finished room. We got some drapes from Tuesday Morning and added a chenille glider from Babies R US.  I guess I should take an after picture since Wynn is now two and using this room. Just picture books all over the place instead of on the bookshelf.  :)

Thank you for stopping by!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lampshade Redo - A Nap Time Project by Megan

Last week I shared a tutorial for how to recover a lampshade using fabric. We had finally moved our Gray Barn Find Dresser that we had done a few weeks back into a bedroom.  I had a matching lamp base from the project before that had a plain white shade in the room.  I went to JoAnn fabrics and purchased a 1/2 yard of outdoor fabric for $5.00.  

I was able to recover the lampshade in approximately thirty minutes using my tutorial.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out and I think it looks nice on the dresser.  I also ordered a new graphic print from Doodle Graphics shop on Etsy.  It says "A Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck".  I love this song and my daughter, Wynn, now requests that we sing it all the time.

Not a bad lamp transformation for $5.00 worth of fabric.  We are excited with how it turned out. 


Ceiling Medallion into Wall Decor: A Nap Time Project by Megan

Here at our house we savor nap time. It's our time to run around and get some projects done in the three hours we don't have to chase a toddler around.  I did this project in about thirty total minutes from start to finish. It's a beautiful afternoon here in Maryland, so it was nice to be outside doing something. Rob and his friend are currently on the other side of the house ripping up our deck and replacing it. I think I got the better deal project wise during this nap time.

I have seen a lot of projects involving ceiling medallions.  I was inspired by a few pins I have found on Pinterest, and in this post by Furniture Clue they share many interesting ideas.

At an after the winter holidays sale at the Home Depot they had some on clearance.  I snagged this one for $10 bucks.  I am working on the wall behind our bed in our master bedroom. It always seems to me that we never really think about that room because it is where we collapse after working on projects for every other room. 

First I spray painted it using Catalina Mist by Krylon. Any excuse to get outside during nap time is fine by me. I already had the spray paint from a previous project, so I was happy to have a color that worked for the room.

Then I used a chalkboard circle that I found at Michael's for a $1.50.  The best part was that it had a yarn piece on it for hanging, which helped me hang it on the wall later on.

Using a glue gun I adhered the chalkboard circle to the back of the medallion.

I then took it to our room. We are planning on painting this's on the master to do list. We will see when that happens.  Anyways, we did this headboard project a few months back and the space above looked empty. I am now in search of something to place on either side of the medallion. Possibly two more medallions in a different color. If you have any ideas...suggestions are appreciated. 

Total Cost for the project $11.50. Thanks for stopping by.