Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elizabeth & Co - Finally Met a Fellow Blogger In Person

Today I was able to attend the Elizabeth & Co Tag Sale here in Westminster, MD.   Sharon was one of the first bloggers I found when we started our blog a few months ago. She is so sweet and has been such a great supporter.  I was so excited that I was off today and able to go to their sale. Here is a link to her blog Elizabeth & Co

Apparently I have been missing out on this tag sale four times a year...Main Street in our town was mobbed with cars trying to find a parking space at 4 when it opened. I was there at 4 and there were already probably thirty people shopping. WOW! It was amazing!! Here are some pictures that I took...

Snacks on a gorgeous yellow table.

Sharon painted this piece with her own homemade chalk paint. Check out her post on it:

Love the chevron bench

 What a beautiful buffet!
The kitchen area had plenty of vintage gems.

Loved this cute piece that was on the porch!

Their displays were amazing! I can't believe I was able to get photos without people in them The place was swarming with people that were so excited to be there.

 This piece is gorgeous!! 
What a beautiful color this dresser was!

I snagged this red rocker for my daughter, Wynn. It was too cute to pass up.

Wynn tested out the rocker with her baby doll when I got back.

You have to definitely check out the Elizabeth & Co blog. There are many ideas that are on there! Sharon is so sweet and I'm so glad I finally met a blogger in real life. :)



  1. Oh gosh, what a nice post! Thanks so much Megan! You are sweet! It was such fun to talk to you! We blogging girls need to stick together! The house actually got really crazy after you left. We'll need to regroup for the weekend. I'm happy, but exhausted! And Wynn is so cute! I hope she enjoys her rocker!

  2. How fun to actually meet a fellow blogger in person. I can't even imagine! I hate to leave your site but I am off to explore Elizabeth and Co.

  3. oh wow. absolutely checking out the blog! and love yours ... you have some amazing ideas and images.


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