Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monster Party Game - Pin the Eye on Mike

Wynn's fourth birthday party included a few games. The first game the kids played was Pin the Eye on Mike. Rob and I put this game together during a quick nap the twins took last week. 

Rob drew Mike and completed the details on his face. I created the individual eyes for each of the party guests.  The only piece I purchased for this game was a sheet of green poster board.

Wynn was super excited when she saw the game when it was put together. The kids had fun with this game at the party. Here are some pictures of it in action...

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monster Themed Birthday Party

We hosted Wynn's fourth birthday party this weekend. This was the first year we did it outside of our house. I am sure glad we decided to do that.  My friend came early along with my parents to help us set up the party room at a local indoor sports center. We had thirty minutes to put everything together and I think it turned out really cute.

I purchased this large poster from Party City to take pictures of everyone in front of it. Wynn was the first one to get her picture taken. She was so excited to have a Monsters themed party.  This was super because it was large and it was only a few dollars. There were only a few areas that I actually included the characters. I tried to stick mainly to the colors of turquoise, blue and green.

We set up this table right where the guests would walk in. That way they could drop off their gift and pick up their favor bag easily on the way out.

The kids arrived and everyone headed to the court area to play some games. Thank goodness Wynn's Uncle Chris is an elementary P.E. teacher because he made it a lot of fun. The kids loved playing with the parachute especially.

Then it was time to head back to the room for dinner and treats of course.  I used the projects I had put together a few months back to decorate the table and some of Wynn's toys.
 I took some scrapbook paper and made the eye of Mike Wazowski for the tops of the applesauce.
 The cupcakes were from BJ's and the kids cupcakes had Monster Cupcake Toppers from Edible Designs by Letty on Etsy.

Everyone had a great time. We were all in bed by 8:30, so we know that we were definitely exhausted. :)  This was at the end of the party. Do Rob and I look sleep deprived? We were working on only a few total hours over the past few days. Davis is with Rob and Ty is with me in this shot.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Monsters Inc Party Food & Beverage Labels

I purchased these some small frames in the Michaels dollar spot for $.40 each. I decided I would use them to label the food and drinks at Wynn's monster party this weekend.  

First up is for the drinks I created a label called the Waternoose Watering Hole after the Monsters Inc. character Mr. Waternoose.  I plan on using all of Wynn's little figures to go  along next to the signs at the party.
Wynn's favorite is No. 1, and so I incorporated her in the treat area. After all are the desserts not the number one treats of the party?
We are having Mike Wazowski applesauce, and I cannot wait to show you how cute the containers turned out next week. 
Finally we have the Sully Slices aka the pizza slices that will be served for dinner. 
Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of the details for Wynn's monster party. I cannot wait to show you more of the party details next week.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monster Party Outfits

Wynn's Monsters Inc themed birthday party is this weekend. She is beyond excited, and I am beyond excited that we are not hosting it at our house. Every year we have had her party here, but it really limits the space we have. It also means that I have to really clean my house. So, I decided this year that we would have it at our local indoor sports facility where Rob works in the summer. 

I wanted to share what the kids will be wearing at the party. We wanted to sort of do her party in the colors of Monsters Inc and limit the actual character portion of it to a few things. The first way we incorporated the characters is the clothes they will wear. I ordered this adorable dress from the Etsy shop called My Cute Baby Store. This dress is so adorable in person, and I love all the bright colors.

Wynn insisted that her brothers be in something Monsters Inc for her party. I went online and ordered these adorable sleepers from the Disney Store, and they were on clearance. I think with shipping I was able to get them both for under $15. 

I am looking forward to sharing some photos and ideas from her party next week. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.

Monday, January 20, 2014

You Warm My Heart Valentine

 This is a fun gift idea for any Valentine in your life. I found these adorable tumblers at the Target Dollar Spot. I placed the first tumbler in a bag I had from Michaels on clearance with some hot chocolate packets.
The second tumbler that I purchased I paired with a Starbucks gift card instead of hot chocolate packets. 

The tumblers were $3 each, and the bags were less than $0.50 at Michaels on clearance.Super simple Valentine gift for anyone in your life. These two are headed to Wynn's preschool teachers.  Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bubbles Valentine

I wanted to make some adorable Valentine's for Wynn to give her friends.  I came up with this idea after remembering a bunch of bubbles I had purchased last year on clearance at Target. I think I may be a clearance junkie.
I started with the bubbles that I had gotten for about $0.70 each. I figured they were perfect for Valentine's Day being that they are heart shaped, and then I simply placed a glitter heart sticker over top of the princesses.  

After that I created a little tag that I slipped onto the string that says "bubbling with love for you". I'm hoping the kids get a kick of of these adorable Valentine's.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teacher Valentine Gift Idea

The one thing I really do love about Wynn going to preschool now is that I can make teacher gifts. For Valentine's Day I figured I would give the teachers two little gifts. One that could be used for the classroom and one for themselves. Today, I am sharing the gift I made for them for their classroom.

I got them some new markers and created this little gift using a variety of items. 

First I took two small vases that I bought at the dollar tree. I covered them in a pair of socks I bought last year at Target on Clearance. I cut the toes off of the pair of socks and slipped them over the vases.
I created these adorable little targets using pieces of scrapbook paper, a heart sticker and a small arrow clothespin. The clothespins came in a set of three last year from the Target Dollar Spot at the clearance after Valentine's Day.
I made cute little cards with the saying "You've hit the mark(er), Valentine" and placed it inside with the markers for the teachers.  The only thing I had to buy for this gift were the markers. I hope that the teachers like these. I know Wynn enjoyed helping put all the markers in the vases for them.  

Have a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tissue Paper Valentine Art

I am pretty sure I feel the need to do crafts for Valentine's Day thanks to blogging and Pinterest. I have really enjoyed coming up with a few projects this year.  The first one I am going to share is this simple Ombre Tissue Paper Art.  

I had all of the materials already here at home to make this project. If you know my situation right now you'll know how great that is for me. I do not think there is a cart big enough at Michaels for all my kiddos right now, and it would probably be a three hour round trip from start to finish. Alas, I will save my few outings alone for the grocery store and Target.

I took three sheets of tissue paper and cut it into small 1 inch squares. I used a pencil to place the tissue paper around the eraser, and then I dipped  the tissue paper in some glue. I placed each piece of tissue paper in the shape of a heart on a canvas. 
Then I simply cut out pieces of some scrapbook paper and covered them in some glitter to make my arrow.

It took hardly any time to complete, and I think that it turned out pretty cute! It is definitely very kid friendly too. I think I could make this for various holidays down the road. Enjoy your day! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Posts of 2013

We have officially been blogging for two years. Rob and I are pretty happy with what we have done around our house in those two years.  Especially considering we never really had many DIY experiences prior to this little blog. I thought I would recap our most popular projects in 2013 before starting to share new projects this year.  Hope you and your family have a fantastic 2014!