Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monster Party Outfits

Wynn's Monsters Inc themed birthday party is this weekend. She is beyond excited, and I am beyond excited that we are not hosting it at our house. Every year we have had her party here, but it really limits the space we have. It also means that I have to really clean my house. So, I decided this year that we would have it at our local indoor sports facility where Rob works in the summer. 

I wanted to share what the kids will be wearing at the party. We wanted to sort of do her party in the colors of Monsters Inc and limit the actual character portion of it to a few things. The first way we incorporated the characters is the clothes they will wear. I ordered this adorable dress from the Etsy shop called My Cute Baby Store. This dress is so adorable in person, and I love all the bright colors.

Wynn insisted that her brothers be in something Monsters Inc for her party. I went online and ordered these adorable sleepers from the Disney Store, and they were on clearance. I think with shipping I was able to get them both for under $15. 

I am looking forward to sharing some photos and ideas from her party next week. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.


  1. I'm so sorry we are missing it! All your details are going to make it so special :) xoxo

  2. Oh, how exciting. I was just thinking, the other day, the party must be getting close. I love the dress you found for Wynn. I love that she declared her brothers needed to be dressed in something Monster's Inc...and I beyond love the deal you got on those adorable onesies.

  3. Oh it's going to be so cute!! Can't wait to see pics :)

  4. What a fun party and yeah for the not having i tat your house!

  5. What a great party theme and that dress is adorable! How fun that the boys are joining in as well! Fun finds Megan and I look forward to the pictures.

  6. I love the cute party themed outfits! Lots of pictures are a must!


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