Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wynn's Room Updated from Baby Nursery

Once upon a time we had a little baby girl come home to her room that looked like this...

Now, this little girl is in first grade, and desperately wanted to have a room in all pink.  We finally took the plunge and painted her room to match her request. She is now officially pink-a-licious.

Her crib turned into a full sized bed, and so we are working with this until Rob builds Wynn's dream bunk bed.  The comforter set is from Target, and of course Wynn's three favorite stuffies have to be front and center.

The Pottery Barn Kids letters were easy to hang with screws, some painters tape, and a level. They were on clearance even further than when I purchased them here. They are $39 marked down from $99. They are a muted gold, and are a good size. They are the perfect size for above the wainscotting that we repainted in the same white semi gloss.

The desk area remains prety much the same, and sometimes becomes more cluttered as the school year goes on. But, Wynn loves sitting there to color, do homework, and play with her Shopkin collection.

Her bookshelf that was in the room when the crib was there is now in the closet. It allowed us to add the desk to her room. Bins from Target are there to hold school papers, shoes, and extra toys.  I spent a good hour last weekend cleaning this out and getting out the smaller sized clothes and shoes. I am hoping this stays clean for at least a few weeks.  We shall see.

 The dresser is filled to the brim with clothes, and her acrylic containers include her treasures and hair accessories.  That's all for now, and once we have the time between school and Rob coaching maybe a new bunk bed can be built.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. it looks lovely- such a happy space!

  2. Looks awesome! I love the color pink. Would you mind sharing what color it is?

    1. Sorry, I had shared it in my previous post and forgot to share it here. It is Sherwin Williams Impatiens Petal

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