Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath by Amy

This was my first attempt at making a yarn wreath. I picked up red yarn at Michaels that was on sale, a heart ornament and Styrofoam wreath. This was definitely a tedious project. I simply wrapped the yarn around the wreath and hot glued the ornament.

This project cost around $12.


Amy & Chris


  1. I have never tackled a yarn wreathe for that exact reason...tedium. It just looks like my lack of preciseness would probably bite me in the butt!

  2. Amy, I'd say you did a fabulous job! I love a good wreath and this is a great one!

  3. Girl, you did SUCH a nice job,it's so pretty! The only thing I would suggest is to save yourself some money the next time, and buy a $1 water noodle from the dollar store instead of the foam wreath. You just connect the ends together with some good, strong tape, and you're good to go!

  4. Your wreath looks so sweet on your door Amy!

  5. That is really pretty. I tried a yarn wreath Christmas 2011, and tried to use that cheap piping stuff - hubs asked if it was a steering wheel cover :) This is just so pretty!

  6. That's one of those projects that is better to do in stages! Time consuming but pretty!


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