Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nursery Closet

The closet in our middle sized bedroom has mostly been a storage closet for the past five years.  I decided it was time to start working on it to become for functional for the soon to be nursery.  I need to get all this baby stuff organized before I become to big to even function.

Here is the closet before which had never painted in the five years we have been here, and looking rather sad.
Here is the closet now with a new coat of white paint and a coat of Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams on the wall.  I added some white baskets from Lowe's and lined the shelves with them for various baby items or storage needs.  I used wooden plaques from Michaels to create labels for the top baskets. I have the them labeled as diapers, wipes, sheets, blankets, toys, and feeding. 

I placed my $25 Thrift Store Dresser inside the closet, and took off the bi-fold doors permanently.  It does free up some much needed floor space in the room having the dresser in there.  Plus, I am going to use it as a changing table as it is the perfect height for that. Now, I just need to find a changing pad cover on Etsy.
Here is another view of the closet:
I have a couple more items I am going to be adding to this closet in the future.  Those board books in the black crate will hopefully be on some book ledges on a nearby wall soon.  It is a start for now and it definitely helps with organization that is for sure.  Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Oh Megan, I love the idea of removing the closet door and utilizing every inch of space, especially when you need to make way for two little ones! The baskets are perfect. And that dresser is just gorgeous - love the style, the color combination and those stripes! This is going to be a beautiful and functional nursery!

  2. Very nice, I love the baskets it's so pretty :)

  3. Is that even the same closet? It's amazing how a coat of paint and some pretty baskets can change the look of something so drastically. It must be a huge closet to fit a dresser in. Love your decision to remove the doors, it looks GREAT!

  4. Love the dresser...great job! I've been toying with removing closet doors...you've given me even more determination (and cute pics to show the hubs!). Thanks!

  5. it looks so fresh and crisp! i am LOVING that dresser in a big fat way!

  6. This looks fantastic Megan! I love those pretty baskets and you'll find it so much easier to keep organized with them. I love the idea of the dresser in the closet and using it as a change table. Great job!


  7. So beautiful Megan! Colors are so calm and soothing and that dresser is amazing! So thrilled for you!

  8. Love that dresser! You are going to laugh when you see my TV stand post in a day or two. You'll know why I love your dresser!!!!

  9. I love nurseries! How exciting you're already working on it. That closet is gi-nourmous! The dresser fits so well in there, I love the color and those stripes. Good job, it all looks beautiful!

  10. That is beautiful!!! We were working on our nursery closet this past weekend but mine doesn't look nearly as organized as yours!

  11. You are going to be so prepared and organized! Love the sleek look and the baskets are a great idea...no wrestling with lids. Good call on the door removal!

  12. Where do you get the tags on the baskets?

    1. I bought the wooden cut outs from Michaels and then painted them. :)


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