Sunday, August 18, 2013

PB Inspired Day Bed with Ana White Plan

The last major project of the boys nursery was to build a day bed for me to sleep and have a place to feed them. I figured out pretty early that a traditional glider or rocker probably would not be fitting for twins.  When I was looking at book ledge ideas on Pinterest I came across a project shared on Ana White's blog. It had book ledges and a day bed project shared together. This day bed looked like a great solution to the problem I was trying to solve in the nursery.

I had recently purchased Ana's book the Handbuilt Home, and was able to share the plans with Rob. The plan for theStratton Day Bed is on her blog too. A few days later Rob was at Lowe's buying all the supplies to put the bed together. If you'd like to check out the how to for this project I recommend checking out Ana White's blog or her book.

Here is one of the frames for the side of the day bed after it had been primed and painted.  

The best part about this day bed is that no matter which way you turn it there will be a finished side. Even though one long side will be facing the wall there is still completed storage if we decided to turn the bed on its side one day.
My brother-in-law came and saved the day and helped Rob move it all into the nursery. Rob began by attaching the side panels to the main sections.  You can see that he painted the inside of the boxes the same blue from our painted wall frames. Rob suggested doing this and I thought it would look a lot better than just plain white.  The shelving is around 24 inches long, 12 inches deep, and twelve inches high. Eventually I think I will get some baskets or bins to put there.

Here is another view of it in the room and Rob attaching the panel to the other side with his nail gun.
The last piece was attaching the slats that connected the two main sections, and it worked out to do this in the room instead of the garage. It was definitely a lot easier to transport.

A close-up of one of one of the storage areas underneath.

Here is a side view of the bed. It will be a perfect spot for reading to the whole family really once everything is in place. I think Wynn will really want to be involved in that, and it would be too crowded for all of us on a single chair.

A side panel close up.

The next step was ordering a mattress. Am I the only person that despises mattress stores?  I went to my favorite shop instead...Amazon! I found a great 8 inch mattress in a twin size for a reasonable price $159.00 and it arrive in two days within ordering. It is really very comfortable and nice.

I noticed that there would be some sheets at Target that would work for this bed the other day. I headed back to Target where they had their Room Essentials brand sheets on sale. I got a set for a twin for about $14.00. 

The project cost around $360 for the bed materials and the mattress. A similar bed from Pottery Barn cost around $1200 with the a tufted cushion to go along with it. I of course would have loved to have the Pottery Barn version delivered to my door and avoid the sawdust in my garage, but I'm so proud of Rob! I am still clueless myself about how to build things, and I am okay with that for now. One day when I have a spare moment (here's hoping) maybe I can be the one trying out an Ana White plan.

Next up are the pillows for the bed and possibly a headboard if we can find the time soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This turned out awesome! I don't know if I'm brave enough to tackle something like that yet, but maybe someday, and WOW what a savings compared to PB!

  2. that is awesome!!!! i love the storage, too!

  3. Hi Megan,
    Your daybed looks fabulous! Such a good idea to put one in your boys' nursery because you may need to nap (collapse) on it! And I'm with you-I hate to shop at mattress stores, too because who knows who has been lying down on them to try them out!!!

  4. Looks GREAT. That will be such a great spot for everyone to enjoy those little boys. Reading, feeding, snuggling. That room gets so much beautiful light coming through the windows. Lovely!

  5. This is fantastic! I love how you painted the inside blue. I love the idea of having some where to sleep/rest in a nursery and wish we would of had space in ours to make it possible!

  6. looks fantastic! That will be so great to have in the nursery!

  7. I have never tried an Ana White plan before but they look fairly easy. Your bed turned out terrific! I love the bright white you used and the board and batten style trim on the sides. Looks very designer! :)

  8. Wow! What a fantastic job! I'd LOVE to make one of these for my little guy.. And 360 from 1200.. that's awesome! Really great job! Pinned it :)

  9. Love! It! I actually have to cop to having the PB one in my guestroom (the queen size) and I adore it. (The only thing that could make it better is if we had made it ourselves ;)

  10. How utterly cute that you are hoping for some spare time in your future!! Rob did a great job on this bed and I think you're right..perfect place for feeding or for family story reading!

  11. That's fantastic, sawdust or over $800 in savings, I'd be kissing Rob's feet! He did an amazing job! That storage will come in so handy, great idea!

    1. I have to agree with Danni I don't see a lot of spare time in the next year but at least when you sit down to read those little bubs a story you'll have a lovely spot. Thanks for linking to freaking awesome Fridays

  12. This turned out SO great!! Sharing on FB tomorrow :)

    xo, Tanya

  13. Wow, it looks great! A perfect piece for a nursery, you will be enjoying it for a long time. I love the color combination, beautiful!

  14. Love this! What a perfect piece for your needs and the space! Great job {hubby too}!!

    ~Abby =)

  15. Great idea! My husband and I were just talking about getting a new mattress but we want a king. I told him we should make our frame! I like the way this one looks! Stop by my Friday's Five Features this week and link up this post (and others)!

  16. Love it Megan, you guys did a really great job!

  17. Fab project, love the storage underneath - really turned out great! Visiting from Mellywood's Mansion,

    Have a great day, Estelle xx

  18. So cute to paint the inside of the storage navy... gives it a "bed skirt" feel. Terrific project.

  19. Love how you painted the inside of the storage cubbies navy. Gives it a real decorative flair. Terrific project.

  20. Great way to get the most out of that under the bed storage area. I love how it turned out. Clean and simple! Stopping by from Mellywood's :)

  21. I love this idea! I can always use more storage in my tiny house. Thanks for sharing this bed. Oh, and I love the name of your blog...haha!

    Katie @

  22. What a brilliant idea Megan! I love the idea of a cozy spot for the whole family to snuggle up with your sweet baby boys! And the extra storage is an added bonus!

  23. O my I love this idea! This would be perfect for our bedroom or guest bedroom! Visiting you back from my blog! I would love if you would link this amazing project up or any other amazing projects at out blog hop!

  24. another fabulous project! love this! Featuring you on the blog and sharing on FB tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking up with OPC and the DIY village to support Habitat4Humanity. Hope to see back tomorrow night.

  25. This may be exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.


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