Sunday, September 22, 2013

Google Nexus 7 Tablet and DIY Tablet Stand

We were supplied with this product by Staples to provide a review and show how we are able to use it in our own lives. On top of that we made a tablet stand for it to prop it up on a counter top or table when we need it in a hands-free situation .  Tablets have been around for years now and there are many options out there.  The Nexus 7 tablet from Staples may very well be one of the best 7 inch tablets out there.

On the Staples website there are several choices you could make when purchasing a Nexus tablet.  They offer new and refurbished tablets, refurbished is nice if your on a budget, although the price for a new Nexus 7 is quite low for all that you get.  With over forty three customer reviews you are able to see that customers who have purchased this tablet have been very happy with their purchase.

The Nexus 7" is light weight at just over a half of a pound, portable, fast and has an 1080p HD screen.  If you have an Android this tablet offers a seamless transition with no learning curve, just sign into your Google account and your apps will be loaded over Wi-Fi.  Once you log into your accounts all of the data you have on other devices will be right there ready to use.

As many of you already know we get most of our inspiration from Pinterest. There are many ways to access our Pinterest boards now days.  However, many of my pins have links to YouTube videos, and not all tablets will allow you access to YouTube.  The Nexus 7 allows you to use Youtube and I am able to have the tablet in my workshop along with me.  We do not normally do sponsored posts or reviews on our blog, but if we find something that helps us with our projects we will. The tablet makes it a lot easier when I am trying a new project, because it can fit virtually anywhere I need it to be.  It can sit on my workshop bench on the stand I created for it, and I am able to follow the plans or video I am using at the time.

I do most of my pinning when everyone in our house has gone to sleep for the night, and I can sit down and watch television.  I had been using my phone to pin different projects since joining Pinterest. I tend to pin links to projects that interest me and I would like to eventually try.  There are limitations to this the screen on my phone is small and the battery from daily use runs down. With the Nexus 7, I am able to have a larger view of the pins, have an easier time reading the ideas shared by some of my favorite bloggers, and will have plenty of battery left on my phone to call Megan and tell her what project idea we should try out next.  The battery on the Nexus 7 lasts over 10 hours for when you are browsing the web.

Now with the Nexus 7, I can put the phone down and pick the tablet and scan through pictures on Pinterest, post our blog projects on Google+, watch a movie on Netflix, surf the web, or check Facebook.
I was looking around on Pinterest for design ideas for a stand that can hold that tablet up while Megan is using recipes from her Pinterest boards.  I had some old floor boards in the garage from an old front porch, so I thought they would be the perfect material for this project.
I sanded the piece down with 220 grit sand paper and ripped it into a two inch strip.  Then I cut two six inch sections off.  One of those sections I routed a channel on wide enough to fit the Nexus 7 tablet.  
After that I used a biscuit joiner to join the bottom and the back rest together.
Once the glue dried I used some Minwax Finishing Paste. Now the stand is complete and ready to use.
I used two trapezoid shaped pieces on either side of the back of the stand for stability. Thank you for stopping by!  We hope we were able to give you a great perspective on how the Google Nexus 7 Tablet works for us.



  1. I love that you made a holder for your new tablet! Enjoy it! :)

  2. A rare post directly from Rob. So I can finally tell you directly how talented you are. Loved your review. Loved the holder you made even more.

  3. Awesome, I love this, I have just made a tablet holder myself, yours is SOOOOO much better. You should sell these!

  4. Way to go Rob! I do not have a tablet, but when I get one...i'm sure I'll need a stand! Yours looks great!

  5. The stand is awesome, my husband needs something like this for his ipad, I guess it can work for that one too. I love your work!

  6. Love the rustic and original stand. Sooo much prettier than something plastic from a store!

  7. I love this!! Thanks for sharing - pinning now :)

  8. What a great idea! Great for cooking too!

  9. That is fab!!! love it megan! how are you finding time for all this?

  10. I liked the holder for your Nexus 7. I'm also looking forward to buying this awesome tablet for myself.


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