Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monsters Inc Finger Puppet Tutorial by While Wearing Heels

Hello Our Pinteresting Family readers and followers.  I'm Amy, from While Wearing Heels and I am THRILLED to be guest posting here today.

Megan and I share a love for party planning.   I am sure you already know, she has been busy planning Wynn's 4th birthday party, a Monsters, Inc themed party.  Which inspired me to create some Monsters, Inc. finger puppets (which are on their way to Megan right now!).

If you have a Monsters, Inc. fan, keep on reading and learn how to make a set of your own felt finger puppets.

To make your very own Mike Wazowski finger puppet.

Gather the following material:  felt (green, white, black, white), green thread and needle and glue.

Using the pattern below, cut all your felt pieces out.

On the front piece, glue the mouth first, then the teeth and finally the lip (just below the teeth).  Next glue your eye into place, starting with the white, blue and lastly the black (I added a green eyelid).

Grab the back piece and line it up behind the front piece.  Insert the 2 horns between the front and back piece.  Using your needle and thread do a running stitch starting where the left leg meets the body all around to where the right leg meets the body.  Leave the bottom of the body unstitched.  Finally, glue the arms together.

To make your own Sully Finger Puppet...

Gather the following supplies:  felt (2 shades of blue, black, white, gray, purple), blue thread and needle and glue.

Using the pattern below, cut out the felt pieces that make up Sully.

Start by gluing the eyes, nose and mouth to Sully's head.  Cut circles out of purple felt and glue them to both arms and feet.  Glue 3 claws onto each arm and 2 onto each foot.

Grab the back of Sully.  Glue the arms about an inch down from the top.  Place the horns between the head and the back and glue into place, positioning the head over the arms, matching up against the back of Sully.  Using your needle and thread, do a running stitch to secure the front of Sully's body to the back of his body.  I also stitched the feet onto the front of Sully's  body.  Leave the bottom of Sully unstitched.

And, there you have a set of Monsters, Inc. Finger Puppets.

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Thank you so much, Megan, for letting when can I come hold those babies!


  1. Amy, you sure are the felt master!! I always love every one of your felt projects... and so loving these finger puppets! One of my nephews is a huge fan of Monsters Inc, especially Mike, so I'm sure he would love his own finger puppets. :) These would make adorable favors for a Monsters Inc party theme!

    Congratulations Megan on the twins!!

  2. Another awesome felt project Amy! I love all your finger puppets. Soooo cute!!

  3. Oh those are adorable Amy! Wynn is going to love them I'm sure. Who wouldn't? I love toys that are simple and spark a childs imagination and finger puppet sure do that. You're going to need a bigger finger puppet stand for sure!

  4. Oh my goodness you are the felt queen!!! I love these what a lucky girl Wynn is a mommy who has created such a cool party and these adorable puppets on the way.

  5. My girls would LOVE these! Amy - your puppet skills are incredible! You have talent just overflowing from you!

    (I think your gnomes are my most favourite though, because I have a little crush on garden gnomes... not in the weird way, mind you! :) )

  6. I know a little girl that will love these! Pinning

  7. Every puppet that Amy makes is so darn cute, and the Monsters crack me up!


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