Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Quick and Easy Father's Day Gift

Wynn and I went to Michaels in search of something she could make for Father's Day.  She wanted to frame a picture just like she had done for Mother's Day. We purchased a plain wood frame and were walking around trying to figure out what to do with it. 

Wynn of course wanted to paint it, but I was looking for an easier way to complete the gift. Then we saw the Duck Tape display, and Wynn picked out the mustache tape for her frame.

With Wynn's help we covered the frame with the tape in a few minutes and it will done. So simple that my four year old could practically do it herself. I helped by cutting and lining up the tape before she pressed it down.

She also insisted that we use the exact picture that was used in my Mother's Day frame. She wanted everything to be similar. It's hard to believe that the boys look a lot smaller in this picture than they do now.

Wynn just finished her first year of preschool.  The boys just turned seven months, and I thought I'd share an updated picture of everyone.

Hope everyone has a great Father's Day on Sunday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love that Wynn wanted both frames to be so similar done to the exact same picture. How sweet! I hope Rob doesn't read this and have his father's day gift spoiled :)

  2. Thanks for posting about the tape. I have seen it before but was unsure how it would look.


  3. Oh thats lovely, it's so funny how they get set in their minds of what they want to do. You have some beautiful children there!

  4. I think that's the perfect tape/gift for father's day! Wynn and the boys look adorable!

  5. Such a cute project and post!I love that Wynn is crafty and gives such consideration to her decisions! Can't believe how much everyone has grown this year. Funny how you always picture them in your head as the last time you saw them! How about an updated pic of you??!!

  6. Hello! How talented are you to have both the boys smile perfectly for that photo?! Wynn appears to have taken after you in the creative department! It's a sweet gift and I'm always amazed by how much kids change during their preschool year.

  7. That frame came out so cute, the mustaches are perfect! And all of the kids are so adorable, how did you manage to get both boys to smile at the same time?!?! :)


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