Thursday, June 26, 2014

Laundry Room Progress

We have made some progress in the laundry room. After Rob installed a new bead board drop ceiling he built a new shelf for storage.

When we moved into our house six years ago our laundry room was pretty ordinary. I basically threw everything in there and shut the door. Pale blue walls, ugly drop ceiling and no storage except for a small shelf.

Our new drop ceiling was the first item on the to do list.  We did have to change our wireless router that Rob hid in the ceiling, and he said it was quick and easy to remove the panel for access.

I purchased this large canvas on clearance for $20. I was in search of something large and inexpensive.  I had a chance to swing by Kohl's, and I just happened to locate this. I thought it would look nice with the gray walls.

I got this adorable rug at Marshall's for $14. It is approximately three by five feet, and perfect for just in front of the washer and dryer.

I also grabbed some lined baskets from Home Goods during my lunch hour one day to store the various laundry related items.  I think they were about $10 a piece.
It is difficult to take pictures of this room for me because there is no natural light. The walls were painted in leftover Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. We used this in the nursery, and I thought it would brighten up this room as well.

Rob built the nine foot long shelf that is above our washer and dryer now. We previously had cabinets, and about a month before the boys came last fall one fell off the wall. It took out the hot and cold lines you see just below the shelf. Water gushed out of the wall for about ten minutes, and as you can imagine it did not take long to flood an entire level of our house. Therefore, we decided a shelf with very sturdy brackets would make more sense to have in this room. Especially because we are unsure the studs in the wall can handle the weight of large cabinets. 

Rob had to put a couple pieces of wood together to make the shelf. He routed a nice beveled edge along it and stained it.

Next on the do to list is to make a skirt for around the utility sink.  We originally were just going to leave the vinyl tile floors in tact.  But, Rob found some flooring on clearance at Home Depot for less than $50. The original price tag was $450! When he finds some time this summer he hopes to install it. I am looking forward to saying goodbye to the vinyl tile and hello wide plank Pergo.

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  1. Your laundry room looks wonderful! I have been semi-planning some type of makeover for my own laundry room. The first thing was just to clean it out. Mine is a narrow rectangle because it used to be a utility "closet" for the carport, now closed in family room. I plan to use leftover supplies from other projects.

  2. Wow Megan that looks fantastic. I know the pain of a flooded laundry mine has has flooded a few time. Score on the flooring too, absolutely beautiful.

  3. WOW! That looks beautiful. It looks like it came out of a magazine. The drop ceiling is amazing. The whole thing is coming together wonderfully. What room will be next when you finish?

  4. Looks great! Having a shelf above the washer and dryer is so handy. I love that rug too! That's definitely one thing that my laundry room is missing.

  5. Looking great! Love the shelf and that rug is SO my style!


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