Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Party & Giveaway

I wanted to put together a budget friendly fall party for Wynn and her friends. I purchased most of the items from either the Dollar Tree or the Target dollar spot.  I put everything together in less than an hour as well. Quick and cute!  It ended up being Wynn and I partying together at this one. Our house came down with several illnesses at once, and so this meant we were not up for visitors. Ty and Davis enjoyed climbing all over the place and banging on the table. 

I am sharing this along with several other wonderful bloggers in the Delightfully Wicked Halloween Hop. I have shared a link to their blogs as well, so make sure you check them out when you have a chance.
I used our long preschool table we had redone and decorated it in our play room. The first item I laid out was a green plastic table cloth. I folded it in half so it still had a bright green color. I purchased it at the Dollar Tree. I also thought the boys small tractor fit in the decor.
I turned these tissue paper flowers into pumpkins by simply adding a green stem out of cardstock. I hung them from the ceiling. I bought the tissue paper flowers from Michaels. I plan on using them at another party later in the month. They were $2 a piece.

I added a cute face to the paper cups with a black marker. I topped the cup off with a green straw to resemble a stem.
I set out a few treats that fit the pumpkin theme well. I purchased some Kraft pumpkin shaped marshmallows, Brach's fall candy mix and some Little Debbie pumpkin snacks. It was easy to display most of these items in glass containers I already had. 
I made place settings very simple. I took a roll of craft paper and cut out squares for place mats. I took the same black marker and wrote names and pumpkin vine. I took the orange plate and attached the same green pumpkin stem from tissue paper flowers to the plate.

I had one simple craft available for the kids. Wynn made a pumpkin bag.  It would also be helpful for them to bring home their extra treats that they wanted for later. All I purchased was some orange paper bags, and I was able to utilize paper for the face from my drawer of paper I already had.
I decorated the chair backs with pumpkins Wynn made last year. I also added a burlap banner from the Target dollar spot on the wall. I purchased some pumpkin boxes for the kids to use for additional little Halloween related items I purchased for them from the dollars spot as well. I will be hanging these out to the kids when we Trick or Treat with them later this month since we were not able to have them over this time.

This is being shared as a part of the Delightfully Wicked Halloween Hop. Be sure to check out the other great ideas being shared today.

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  1. Very cute! I love that banner--mine is on my front porch. You put together a very cute party.

  2. Love all the pumpkin touches. What a fun and festive party!

  3. What a fun party! My favorite part is how you turned the fans into pumpkins. Brilliant!

  4. The tissue paper flowers are too cute! I really like the whole party - great job!

  5. Great ideas! Wish my kiddos were still young enough to enjoy such a party - sigh:)

  6. sweet sweet little party.hope you and Wynn had a great time and the rest of the gang is feeling better!

  7. What a darling little party. The pumpkin tissue flowers are so clever! This is the perfect party for us busy mommies!! Bummer the house came down with illnesses. PS. I love, love the long table. Is this something you shared before and I missed it?! Thanks for joining in on the fun!!!

  8. Megan your party looks lovely, even if it ended up being for just a few! I love that you had them make their own treat clever! You should have a business doing parties, yours are always so cool!

  9. What a sweet party spot! I especially love the tissue pumpkins - so clever!

  10. That is so cute how lucky for Wynn that Mummy is thrifty and fun!

  11. So many cute and easy ideas to celebrate Halloween! I love the chair back decorations Wynn made!

  12. Great ideas. I love the pumpkin wall hangings!

  13. I love the creative little touches! It's all the little details that make the big differance!


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