Monday, July 24, 2017

Our New Shed

Well, we accomplished something on our annual to do list. The shed is  now complete. We purchased a plan from iCreate Plans.  Rob really liked the plans they provided and made minor changes to adjust the shed to his needs. The size of the shed is 12 by 16. We highly recommend their plans on this site. This plan was actually for a modern studio, but Rob liked the window set up and we needed light since it does not have electric in it...yet.

Then we had to go through the permitting process, and that took a lot longer than anticipated. That backed our project up several months.

Rob began working the second weekend in April, and worked pretty much whenever he had a chance between then and the weekend before Memorial Day.  Here are the before and after pictures of the process.  We are not going to share the step by step process as that is the point of using the plans that you pay a small fee on  We did use Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray for the outside, and barn paint from Lowe's for the trim. We also used smaller windows then recommended to reduce someone from breaking in if that ever came up. It sits pretty far from our house, and we did not want to risk it. We also did several different locking systems on it to keep it very secure.

Overall, Rob was very happy on how it turned out. It got the big items out of our garage, and now he has the room to do projects with this tool collection. Next up is a play house and a loft bed for our daughter. Here is hoping that works!  

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