Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chalkboard Paint Cheese Plate

One of the first projects I pinned on Pinterest three years ago was one involving painting a cheese plate with chalkboard paint. I had a small plate that generally did not get much use and I thought I would give it a coating of chalkboard paint.  At that point it was not easy to find it available anywhere, but I eventually found the Pebeo brand porcelain chalkboard paint.

I taped off the inside of the bottom of the plate and painted it in one coat.  Any bit of paint that seeped through the tape was easily scraped off.  I'm putting this in a basket I am pulling together for a hostess gift for someone who is letting us visit in a few weeks. 

Just in case you are wondering about this paint coming in contact with food here is the Pebeo's official statement: Porcelaine 150 paints have been given the ASTM D-4236 seal of approval by Duke University, they are completely free of any hazardous materials. They hold the AP Seal of non-toxicity from ACMI and they conform to toy standard 71.3, and are deemed safe for use by children. The Porcelaine 150 paints, outliners and markers contain NO lead or cadmium, they are water based and contain only NON-TOXIC materials. Inadvertent contact with food or drink is not a health hazard. Any decorative or utilitarian pieces may be painted. Paint the exterior of a drink container, and on a dinner plate, it is recommended that you paint around the perimeter of the plate. If you paint the center of the plate, a steak knife or other utensil could damage your design. If a painted design becomes damaged by a sharp object, rough edges may be left on the surface. It is not approved for food or drink containers. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a great day.


  1. Your hostess will be tickled with such a sweet gift!

  2. What an easy, fantastic project! I had no idea there was special paint for porcelain. Great idea.


  3. You give the best hostess gifts. What a sweet tray!

  4. That's such a great project! Cute and so easy! We went to a wine tasting a couple months ago and they had chalkboard trays for the cheese and I've wanted to make one since then. I wondered about finding a food safe paint, so thanks for posting the brand/disclosure.

  5. That is a lovely hostess gift and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to get it...and to have you visit!

  6. I pinned that too, great job! I love it :)


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