Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our New Rug

Chris and I had a few old rugs laying around in the basement collecting dust. I wanted to put them to good use so I decided to paint the rug and use a stencil. I flipped the rug over to used bottom part of the rug. You need the rug to be hard and flat. Make sure to sand the rug it will give it a softer feel. After I painted two coats of paint we already had in the basement I placed a stencil and lightly rolled white paint. I splurged and bought a nice stencil since the rest of the project was free! So for about 40 bucks I re created and old rug into one that we could use in our living room!
Stencil from cutting edge design-$40

Amy & Chris


  1. I love love love this rug! What do you mean sand the rug when your done and with what? I'd love to do this to my rug! I've been on the look out for a rug just like this! So because it's the backside of the rug, it's rough to the touch isnt it?

  2. I did not sand my rug but ive read that if you do it gives it a softer feel. you can use a sander or just plain sand paper. My rug isnt rough but its slightly hard bc its the bottom of the rug. We have ours in our formal living space so it doesnt get that much traffic. The next time i do this i am going to sand the rug prior to painting it, i would give that a try first. Hope this helps and answers your question!


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