Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Redo - Beadboard Inserts

We painted our kitchen cabinets a few years ago from our 1980's contractor brown and spray painted our brass handles and knobs to resemble oil rubbed bronze. However, we knew we'd like to update them again.

Here is our kitchen when we moved in...Ugh

Rob began with wall behind the cabinets. He purchased eight foot sheets of beadboard at Home Depot and painted them black. He had to make a few cuts on this side for the electrical outlet and the corner.

The sides of the cabinet were not as easy as they required a double layer of beadboard to match up with the wall section behind it. 

He then took off the doors of all the cabinets. He cut the beadboard to fit inside each of the cabinet faces.  He used wood putty to fill it in.

Rob then had to do a lot of work to match up our new bin pulls rather than the knobs that were previously in place.  He said that it was the most time consuming of all the parts of the project. Rob sprayed painted the old hinges to match the new hardware.

The after pictures...

Hope you enjoyed our transformation.  We will be leaving the upper cabinets open without doors. We plan on wallpapering the back of them and painting the inside as well. I'll post those pictures once we complete that part of the project.

Paint Lowes - $35
Beadboard - $100
Trim - $25
Hardware - $25

Total $185

Rob and Megan


  1. Love the look of your cabinets! I want to add beadboard to mine and paint them white. Hopefully it will be on the to-do list this spring!!

    1. Thanks so much! Can't wait to see your project.

  2. looks great! i hope i can talk my husband into this one!

  3. How did you manage the outside corner's beadboard where it met on the island? Did you use some trim piece and what kind? Thanks!


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