Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coffee Table Repurpose

We needed a media stand for our new TV. However, we did not want to spend a fortune on one or get a cheap one. I guess we didn't like either option.  We already had purchased a coffee table from Pier One several years ago that was on clearance because it was missing a few screws (found that out today)  Rob thought it would bes a great idea to take the coffee table make it sturdy and cut off a piece of it to make it an instant TV stand. We could then search for a coffee table on Craigslist to work on later.

Here is are Pier One Coffee Table

 Rob took it apart and made the cuts with his table saw.
Once all the cuts have been made he reassembles the table that has been basically lost a third of the total size of it before.

Now it's the perfect size for our TV stand. Please excuse our cords...we are working on that.  :)

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  1. I love your transformation coffee table to media table. Look great and I bet you can find shallow basket to slide in and hide the cords. You have a such a nice blog and thanks for sharing!


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