Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Children's Gift Idea - Pay It Forward

About a week ago I had seen someone post on Facebook about paying it forward.  All I had to do was respond to her post and re-post the status. Then my friend would do something nice for me at some point this year unexpectedly.  Here is the first gift I have made for one of my friends who responded....well one of my friend's child.  I had found this cute bag at the Dollar Tree a while bag. I figured it would be a great gift bag that could be reused.  
This little one will be missing Wynn's ice cream party, so I thought I would send some ice cream related goodies inside the bag.  I added some ribbon and a fabric flower to the bag.  Then I placed a ice cream necklace kit and ice cream paper inside the bag.  

I hope that this little goodie bag will bring a smile to their face! Have a great day. 



  1. How wonderful to pay it forward by sending something to a little one. I am sure it will be received with a big smile.

    I'm finishing up my first project too!!!

  2. Very sweet! And paying it forward is a good thing!

  3. Pay it forward is such a good mantra. Love the idea, very nice restyle of the bag!

  4. So cute, and kids get so excited about gifts. I love the idea

  5. How cute Megan! That little girl is going to love it!


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